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  1. scottyboy

    Removing PTO bearing shaft from 1995 MF 240 AWD

  2. B

    CB85 Backhoe boom arm split

    Just wanted to post an issue I had with my CB85 backhoe from Massey Ferguson, and get some thoughts on where to go with it. And maybe help someone else who might find themselves with a cracked hoe. This backhoe has something like 100 hours on it. Bought it new with my tractor (MF 2850E) in July...
  3. M

    Massey Ferguson 1760M

    60hp 532 hours Power Shuttle Transmission 12F/12R (3 ranges, 4 speeds) DL135 Quick attach loader Skid Steer Quick Attach 4 in 1 Bradco bucket 72” Titan finish mower Loaded rear tires 3rd Function hydraulics 1 rear hydraulic remote Heat/AC cab with radio Soft start PTO Front and Rear...
  4. prairiegirl

    MF 4609 suddenly does not drive or lift loader

    We were seeding and while turning around the tractor 'popped out of gear', anyway, it stopped moving forward. No broken linkages. Steering and loader no longer work either. Valves still work for loader will go down. It was running warm a few times because of plantmaterial on screen; removed it...
  5. S

    Heavy medium-duty tractor options? Massey 67xx, CaseIH Maxxum, or Kubota M5-111?

    Pre-COVID, I was going to buy a Kubota M5-111 but, COVID hit before it could be delivered and all they got were "chicken coop" tractors which wouldn't work for me. Supply chain shortages and general price gouging due to limited supply and huge demand seems to be subsiding so, I'm back in the...
  6. A

    3rd function on MF 2860E

    Has anyone attempted to install a third function kit on 2860 yet? or anything similar? The loader is FLX 2815. Talked to the dealer and they told me was very hard to do and that those who attempted to do it start and bring it to them to finish. Not sure how true that is. The hardest part looks...
  7. K

    Loader for Massey 50 - Massachusetts

    I have a loader that came off my 1959 Massey Ferguson 50 for sale. The bucket is rusted out, but it is repairable. It does need some TLC. I could scrap it, but I would hate to see an old, rare piece of equipment get scraped. I am not sure if it fits any other models. Located in Massachusetts...
  8. N

    Fuel line Bleeding

    I am have some real issues with my tractor not starting. I replaced the fuel filter and can't seem to get the air out of the system. I have tried to follow all instructions but it's just not working. I think one of my problems may be that my fuel lift hand pump doesn't work. (It doesn't seem to...
  9. W

    Need source for AGCO hydraulic Suction Strainer

    I have been trying for 6 months to find an AGCO ACP0475810 Suction Strainer for my MF2607H tractor. Does anyone have a source or an extra one laying around they would be willing to sell? This supply change situation is beyond frustrating. Thanks!
  10. L

    MF 1433V hydraulic oil level question

    Hey all. Been a member here for a while but only posted once before, back in 2019 I think. Anyway, we've had a MF 1433 tractor for a number of years, not sure what year it actually is (we inherited this) and I don't have a manual again due to losing my cell phone which had the agco manual/app...
  11. F

    100hp Tractor for 240 acres. M6? 5711? 5115M?

    Hoping for some advice and opinions on selecting a tractor. Have about 240 acres that has been pretty woefully neglected over several years. Want to get it whipped up into better shape over the next three years. Regrade and maintain approximately 5 miles of dirt/gravel roads on the property...
  12. R

    Forks & Capacity Massey Ferguson 1835M

    I just bought an 1835M with 200 hours. It comes with a bucket and brush hog. I'm needing to move some pallets around so I need forks. Fork options seem to be either a pair that attaches to a bucket or I can remove the bucket and use the forks as sort of the primary frontal mechanism. I have 2...
  13. J

    Massey Ferguson 6265 in for Service...

    Dropped a tractor off in March, due to no forward or reverese...really no transmission icons at all. The dealer didn't actually look at it for about 2 months and if there was another dealer half way close we may have even moved it there. fast forward to this week end of July, still no tractor...
  14. A

    GC1720 engine problewm

    Hello! I am having some weird problems with the engine on my GC1720TLB, just did routine maintenance a few hours ago. It seems to run okay at idle but when I increase the throttle it sounds strange and is very smoky. Appreciate any tips or things to look for!
  15. A

    Iseki engines

    What engine will replace an iseki in a Massey Ferguson 1433v? Or where can I get a crankshaft for the Iseki engine.
  16. C

    Massey Furgesson GC2610 TLB Flashers not working

    Good day. I have the above tractor and recently noticed that the flashers do not work. I hear the flasher unit clicking, but no rear lights. Tractor is not abused and used for what I would consider normal homeowner tasks. Checked the wiring harness and no tears, rips or scrapes. Fuses all meter...
  17. A

    2600H Series (2605H) Front End Loader/Hydraulic Issues

    I'm a first time poster and first time tractor owner. I have searched up and down on the internet and this forum and couldn't find others with my same symptoms, and none of the proposed solutions for similar issues have worked for me. My maintenance experience up until now has been servicing...
  18. Travis_R

    Massey Ferguson 231 Injector Pump

    Hello, Does anyone here recommend someone or a shop who can re-seal the injector pump on my 1998 Massey Ferguson 231? I’m aware I’d have to ship it. It is dripping diesel where the rotor head goes into the pump housing. There’s an o-ring there. I’d like the whole pump re-sealed since it has to...
  19. D

    Deere 5075e vs Massey 4710

    Coming up on a new tractor purchase for the farm and my land clearing business, have a 5075e on order currently but have been giving the 4710 a hard look at only a price difference of 20k. Anyone who’s drove one or the other and could give some insight would be great. Both look like great...
  20. C

    Massey 2360 Hydraulic Chute Rotator

    I had a few questions about the hydraulic chute rotator for the 2360 snowblower. I can’t seem to find a part # for the kit anywheres. I currently have the electric rotator but I am sick of the speed and how it freezes up every time I am out. Does anyone know if it is a simple bolt on kit? Or is...
  21. J

    Massey 165 MK2 Hydraulic lift not lifting

    Good day We recently bought a secondhand Massey Ferguson 165 tractor (year and hours unknown). The tractor is fitted with a MK2 hydraulic pump. The lift or pump however do have so issues. When we try to hook and pickup/lift heavy implement (slasher) the tractor does not want to lift the...
  22. M

    Massey Ferguson DL135 in 1754: Curl and Dump move separately

    Hi, I just got a used MF1754 with a DL135. So far everything is great, but when trying to switch from a bucket to a bale spear (SSQA plate) I noticed that the curl/dump between the left and right side are not moving at the same pace. One side is always ahead of the other. This makes it...
  23. R

    Massey 2310 backhoe not working right

    I installed a loader valve and my backhoe attachment barley moves loader works perfect
  24. twowoode

    Scut front tire upgrade

    Well after 2 years I finally got a flat front tire on my little Massey. When I took the tire to my local ag central they managed to tear up the side wall on the inside just above the bead trying to take the tire off the rim. Long story short they didn’t tell me what they had done but said it...
  25. K

    Quicke loader question

    Hi, I’m wondering what this symbol is, I’ll attach a photo below. It has a toggle switch at the back of the joystick. Thanks. It’s on 2012 MF Q31
  26. Skramps

    Flail mower

    Hey guys. I've been reading your discussions for months but just joined today. I bought a Massey Ferguson 1526 (25HP) a few weeks ago with a box blade and I'm looking at getting flail mower now. This is my first tractor and I'll be using it around my property and as an addition to my small...
  27. NewRodeo

    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    I just bought the MF 1723E with loader, blade, box-blade. I bought it with the expressed intention of grading my gravel driveway. However, it seems the 3-point hitch does not float. Now every bump and pothole has been multiplied several times. The driveway is far worse than before; one bump...
  28. Rockbadchild

    life on 75 acres

    well hello everyone!!! last May I've purchased 75 acres of land in northern Ontario Canada right next to my old man where I grew up, he owns 75 acres as well. Once in possession of the land I purchased a Massey Ferguson 60hp e series hydro and I had a few question about it and that’s how I...
  29. U

    2021 Kubota MX6000 HSTC $51,000

    Looking to sell my Kubota. I would like to down size. Kubota MX6000 Cab Tractor 2021 4x4 60 HP Turbocharged Kubota Engine 51.7 PTO Horsepower 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission Kubota LA1065 Quick Connect Front Loader with Skid Steer Coupler Heavy Duty Bucket with Bolt on Cutting Edge Dual Front...
  30. D

    Adding FEL to Massey Ferguson 698

    Hello everyone. I am currently adding a MF 838 loader to my MF 698 tractor (with cab). Has anyone either added a joystick control in the cab? I found a Prince joystick valve block on Surplus Center that seems that it would work, but the hydraulic lines would need to be run inside the cab. Not a...
  31. prairiegirl

    Sooty Massey

    Hi, our Massey 4609 loses about a litre of oil while running the hammer mill. We would not know where it goes, but when we work it a bit harder it blows it all out of the smokestack - soot all over! Checked the turbo -leaky seal could cause this- seems to work fine. Dealer thinks a leaky valve...
  32. M

    Engine sounds like there’s pebbles in it

    I have a 1993 Massey Ferguson 1020 gear driven 4wd tractor with 1600 hours on it. Yesterday while going to park it a sudden noise just started randomly. It sounds like pebbles bouncing around inside of the engine. It does it while idling, driving around, really any time the engine is running no...