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Aug 27, 2016
LS XR4145
I'm running hoses from the rear remotes on an XR4145 to the FEL where I've installed a 60" Wicked Root Grapple. My question is what advice on routing and most importantly on hose mounts at the front end do you have? Routing I can figure out easy enough but if someone has invented the cat's meow on securing the hoses up front then I'm all ears. There's obviously a lot of slack needed for a grapple raised to the top of the FEL travel and then tilted downward to release the load. What's the best way to protect expensive hoses, allow them some travel, and keep them out of the way for grapple use?
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I ran my hoses from rear remotes to loader cross tube where I mounted a bracket to connect my grapple or snow plow. My hoses are about 48-50" long from bracket to implement. I drilled and screwed my bracket to large cross tube. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the input guys. I called up Everything Attachments and they sell the spring type mount. It's on the way as we speak. I'll post a shot of the final installation.
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My EA grapple came with a spring hose holder.
I made a bracket that bolts to the existing threaded holes used to hold a guard on the cross tube.
I used hydraulic bulkhead fittings in the bracket- JIC on the loader side, NPT on the quick connect side.
For me the bracket placement and angle was critical to allow the grapple to be curled down and not put stress on the hoses and to have the hose slack end up in the right spot with the grapple curled up. It took two tries to get the bracket right.
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I'm guessing mine did not include a bracket due to the sky rocketing manufacturing costs that happened just after I paid for mine. I hope they go back to including that holder given the recent price increase on the grapple. They should at least push the holder as an accessory during purchase. As an aside, I think the newest ones with the hardox steel on the top lid are stronger than the previous DOM tubing models.
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I would install a pair of breakaway hydraulic couplers on the FEL cross arm to prevent damage should you snag the hoses on a branch.
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I would install a pair of breakaway hydraulic couplers on the FEL cross arm to prevent damage should you snag the hoses on a branch.
With the couplers mounted perpendicular to the tractor, I do not think that breakaway couplers would work that great. For them to function properly they need to be parallel to the tractors direction of travel.

I would mount the couplers parallel to the tractor so they face the front, and put them under the cross tube on the loader. For quick couplers I would use the Pioneer 4200 as they are a breakaway coupler, and the push pull action makes it easy to connect and disconnect the coupler. If your using 1/2" NPT hoses then the Coupler part number is 4250-4 or 4250-4P (poppet style) they are interchangeable. You would then use a 5006-4 mounting bracket, and don't forget the plug 5209-4M (black) they come in different colors, and are a requirement to prevent the couplers for filling with dirt. They also offer the plugs in Blue, Gree, Red and Yellow, I have each coupler a different color to make hooking up easier.

However there are multiple ways to approach this and advantages and disadvantages to each one, this is just my thoughts.
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I had a nice Pioneer coupler on the shelf I hadn't used.
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Ran 1/2” two wire hoses from rear remotes to front of FEL. Under, up the loader tower to the 3rd function cross tube. M5030. 12’ long. Welded two line hydraulic hose clamps (Surplus Center) along the way. Covered lines with protective nylon sleeve. Problem free for twenty year of rough grapple use.