I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

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Obviously I don't know how these things work. YANDER is above not below.
One more comment.
I didn't buy another SCAGS because the dealer wouldn't budge from his insane asking price. The Ferris dealer did. I can't wait to try the Ferris 24hp Yanmar Diesel.
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I'm in the same camp of "keep the Kubota and buy a zero turn".
Me too. I have a Kubota L2800 HST with a 7' mower and 2 years ago purchased a Cub Cadet ZT with a 54" deck from TS also. Great mower, both the Kubota and the ZT.
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If the tractor works or still works as a tractor for you, then do what I did, go buy a ztr. I got a new 2021 model last fall for $6k, 54 in cut Ferris. Cuts the grass way better and faster than the tractor did with the belly mower. I took off the mower and I'll use it if the grass in one area gets too dense. Otherwise, it is the ztr. Best thing I've done for the tractor since I bought it.
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If you are looking just to cut grass take a look at Country Clipper, the joy stick feature is awesome, especially for older arms, and the deck flip up easily for service. It is a real z-turn though.
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FWIW, I just read that $100,000 in 2019 was worth $82,000 in 2022.
That is a lot of the pinch you are feeling.
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So, I'm getting older and some health issues have cropped up, as they tend to do. Taking on and off the mower deck on my BX2360 is getting tougher. I bought it in 2005 for about 12k, Tractor, 60" belly mower and loader. I saw somewhere that the newer JD and Kubota have made it easier by driving over and a more or less semi-automated hookup.

Doing some online pricing at their sites have left me in a state of complete shock! Is it true that I'm looking at close to 30k now??? Please tell me that I'm doing something wrong or that their SRPs are not near what dealers are charging.....

When was the last time you walked into a Micky d's and ordered a .50 hamburger.
Paid 12k for my first house in 1975. Bought a car 5 years later that cost me twice that price. Installed an easy loader on back of my 77 Yanmar. (Hoyl tractor) Loved it for a year then wrecked my hog. Next tractor will have all easy loader attachments. (mower, FEL) Too old to be mussel these things around.
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Two things to consider: One, as much as I like my ZTR it doesn't ride as smooth as a tractor will. Some of the new models have a decent suspension to help with that, but if you happen to have back problems, be sure to run one around the dealer's yard to see how it soaks up bumps just in case.

Two, it's not just tractors or trucks, it's everything. A couple of years ago I went through a series of buying and selling welders as I upgraded. I bought one, cleaned it up, used it, found a newer model did the same and sold the first one. I kept track of new pricing because the used machines were bringing about 50-70% of new as long as they were pretty nice. As an example, I had a Miller Millermatic 252 and those were selling for just under $3K out the door (no bottle). That exact same machine is now $4,300....two years later and a 40% increase.

The thing is, used prices went up the same amount give or take. A few months ago I saw a Millermatic 252 at an obscure auction not far away. I put a lowball bid in on it before I went to bed and the next day got a note that I won't if for a ridiculously low price....no idea how that happened as they usually draw serious money. It had the original manual, a full 330cu/ft bottle of 75/25, original sales paperwork on it and cleaned up to literally look like a new machine. Sold that thing in a day or two for $3K.
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To the OP, you may be shocked at the price of new Kubota zero turns as well. Bought a Z422 with 54" deck in September 2021 for $7,200 pre-tax. Re-priced it about a month ago at $9,400 or higher (can't recall the exact price).

Like others I also took a look at current BX pricing compared to my current one. Came out to over $34K with options including quick attach bucket, 3rd function, landpride grapple and pallet forks, 54" deck, plus some other options. Insane increase since 2011 when I bought it.

I've seriously thought about upgrading to a bigger machine for more lift capacity but never pulled the trigger. Really wouldn't have looked at another brand seriously then, but would now for sure. They've crossed the Rubicon with the current pricing.
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When pricing tractors, Kubota was surprising affordable when getting actual quotes from dealers vs looking at MSRP. Where I did get sticker shock was at the green dealer where pricing was 4-10k than other colors.
Yep! And in 40 years of farming, I have yet to get any reason why I should spend so much for green paint other than "It will be worth more when you trade it or sell it". So, I'm supposed to pay $10,000 more for green paint, let them keep that money for (on average) 8 years, and HOPE they give me my $10,000 back with no interest when I trade? Sorry, not gonna happen. I bought a 115hp McCormick cab tractor in 2002 for $42,000, used it for 5 years and sold it for what I paid for it due to price increases. The green tractor at 100hp, same specs otherwise, was $54,500 in 2002. The only green tractor I ever owned was a pedal tractor when I was 8 years old. Still have it, but it's not green anymore, more like rust brown. By contrast, I bought a Kubota M9000 in 2003 for around $30,000 with front end loader. Never gave me a single problem in 17 years, never failed to start, and the best tractor I ever owned, and the last tractor I ever bought. I sold the farm in 2020 and the tractor went with it. I have missed it almost every day since. If I were to buy another tractor today, it would be a Kubota without even thinking about it.
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In 2009 I bought my BX25 with FEL and BH from local big dealer for $16,800... Back then on a whim Kubita had a promo for 1% APR. I applied and was shocked when approved. Did I really need a tractor for my ¾ acres? Probably not, but what a deal!! Always wanted one. A Revolving charge account for a Kubota. Minimum payment was around $360 a month but interest was about $8.00. Kubota dropped that promo about a month after. I kept paying more than minimum and paid off in three years. I think my last interest amounts were around $1-2 minimum. It's been a big boy toy for me and I think I've moved more snow than dirt. Have under 400 hrs..... Was told I could get $20k for it, much more if I include my pallet forks, bucket extender, 6 inch trencher bucket, 3-point hitch, and the 18 foot Doolittle car trailer I tow it with. I think a new BX now is close to $28k and I have to say doesn't look as "sturdy" as mine. Might just be me though. My son wants tractor when I pass on...... Prices for everything are going to get worse and there's not much of anything us little folks can do about it.. I just look at it as a tangible asset if necessary. Be safe out there!!!