Is it possible to be objective for a moment about Mahindra? Question relating to career change



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Jun 3, 2021
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I don't care what people think. If they consider me an a$$wipe so be it.
It is more important to me for correcting habitually wrong info for all the new people here getting into tractoring, than what people consider me as.
If they listened to some of the info frought with inaccuracies by the likes of this "fried guy", they would never push anything with their machines because tractors were made for pulling.
They would never "dig" anything with their fels because "never dig w your fel because you can tweak it"
Or they think all Mahindra parts are coming from India as opposed to Houston tex.

Now if these "edicts" were couched in more personal terms I'd have no problem such as "I don't like to dig w my fel because I fear tweaking it" or I don't push things with my fel because I feel tractors were made for pulling....that's different.
But to come out with stuff passed over as "the gospel of tractoring" is just plain wrong and sets a bad example for folks who do not have a large knowledge base and are on a learning curve about this stuff.
I've pushed ten inch thick trees down ,dug a 12'x20'x8' deep pond, pulled pushed with a Mahindra emax25 but I take my time use good safety common sense and grease that fel zerts every day until the grease is an eyesore. All four corners of the bucket developed cracks (I weld it) thing is the fel arms and hydraulic rams hold up.the weak part is the bucket. If we have tractors and can't work with it there's no need in having one just to be extra easy on or expect the dealer to take care of us every time we need a fluid / filter change. After we were hit with a level 2 tornado then two years later a hurricane the work this tractor provided has saved me on any labor I could have spent on others. This tractor was purchased to use and used it is.


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Aug 2, 2014
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This is incorrect. Mahindra has criteria and protocol for receiving a dealership.
There are two Mahindra dealers in my general area within a 40 mile radius
Each has been selling this product for over 20 years.
The predominant reasons for fast demise of any dealership is a general mismanagement of finances, protocol or criteria.
Near me car dealers and garden centers opened mahindra dealerships and quickly closed. There is big mahindra dealer about fifty miles away that sells other farm equipment

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Aug 28, 2012
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Folks let’s be careful suggesting and distinguishing what can from what should be done with a 25HP tractor.
There are a lot of new tractor owners on TBN, eager to put their tractors to use and looking at some members abilities as examples of what a 25HP tractor can do.
In the hands of an experienced operator being very cautious, one could push over a 10” tree in the right conditions, but as RickB alluded to, its not something we need to be suggesting to a newbie as a safe, easy task.
Attempting to push over a 10” thick tree with a small tractor could result in at worst, injury or possible property damage to tractor or anything nearby.
Trees of that size should be properly dropped with a chain saw or larger, heavier tractor with an experienced operator. Anyone who has experience clearing trees knows that they ”react” unpredictably when being pushed against.

Be safe. I operate equipment under extremely dangerous conditions and I know my day is coming.


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Dec 15, 2002
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Near me car dealers and garden centers opened mahindra dealerships and quickly closed. There is big mahindra dealer about fifty miles away that sells other farm equipment
You can open one with preliminary credentials. For many not being able to meet prolonged sales requirements, it's easier to close.
And yes, you do not have to be Mahindra exclusive to sell Mahindra tractors. You can sell any other tractor company or implements you want that does not have their own exclusivity requirements.