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Apr 8, 2021
Woodville, TX
2021 JD 1025r (Process Buying)
Knowing what u know now would u still buy the tractor you purchased? If not why and what would you buy in stead? How does that tractor better suit your needs?

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I expect the vast majority of us on this board, will say we'd buy the same tractor again. Some might say they wish they had one a little bigger, more HP, or a cab, but I'll be surprised if you get a bunch of guys saying "I wish I had bought green instead of orange".

Luckily my dealer convinced me to buy a tractor one size up from what I was thinking. Never regretted it a bit.

Just my 2¢.
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Ultimately, yes, I would buy the same tractors I have now. However, after getting my newest tractor (L2501) home, I could have gone larger. If cost wasn’t a factor, a Grand L or MX would be awesome!

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Yes. However, when I bought I had no idea about tractors and I didn't have the benefit of TBN advice... I did have the benefit of a knowledgeable neighbour who came with me to the Dealership.

That being said, the JD Salesman (a farmer himself) asked many questions about what I required the tractor to do and sold me the tractor that I needed, as opposed to what he could've sold me. I've never regretted my purchase and it has truly done everything I asked or required of it.
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I wish I’d have bought my CTL 10 years ago vs a couple weeks ago. My mini x is fun but the CTL is a real workhorse.
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I made a good choice on my tractor and horsepower. The only thing I would do differently, is order my tractor with R3 Turf tires. The R4 Industrial work good at everything but gentle treatment of my landscape. I am constantly repair ruts and damage.
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I’m glad I bought the JD 110 TLB and now I probably would not have bought it but would have bought a 333 CTL instead. I’m looking at CTL’s now and the JD dealer is really trying to get me to trade in the 110 but I really don’t want to get rid of it.
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So far I’ve been very well satisfied.
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I would have purchased a Kubota 'Grand L' first, rather than two smaller, insufficient weight tractors in succession.

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Would have done things exactly the same. I had 27 years with my first tractor to figure what I needed for a second tractor.