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Jeff's response resonates with me. Went through 4 other tractors before getting the L4240. It's a real blessing to have a cab with good HVAC at my age, and the size makes it capable of anything that needs done.
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I am perfectly happy with my tractor. But I think I would have followed the advice "sit in as many tractors as you can and bit the one that fits you the best" I do not love the ergonomics of my Branson. Also I would have probably gotten HST instead of geared. But overall I am well pleased with my tractor.
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Wish I could buy a 2019E like the 4010. But I would buy it with R4 tires instead of the R3 turfs. LOTS of trouble with the R3s on the front, about the only trouble except for bent turnbuckles because I did not tigthen them enough one time.

Biggest mistake was the 1025R lemon between the 4010 and the now troublefree 2025R. Would not buy the gen. 2 2025R, e.g. no turning brakes.
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Not sure if we would get a bigger tractor than our current Kubota BX25. Have both a small, three-quarter acre property and a large, 25 acre property within 500 yards of each other. Bought the tractor before we bought the larger property. The size and maneuverability of the BX25 was a major plus for us, as well as the fact that it really was a construction tractor and very tough.

The major drawback is always the FEL. I have no problem filling it right up and driving around, except for something like wet sand, so that is not really an issue. The issue is more with putting forks or a grapple on the front, which can reduce the carrying capacity. And that carrying capacity is not that great to begin with. However, it is enough for us, and the price of something that would significantly improve performance is simply not worth it.

If I ever really HAVE to have a bigger FEL for some big job, I can always rent.
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Two years with the LS 4140. It has been a great machine but I only have 150 hours on it.

If doing it again, I would get the 50 HP engine.
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I've had mine for less than a year, but my only regret is not getting some type of tractor 20 years ago. It has done everything I need it to do. Winter is when mine will always get the most use and I'm happy with the way it did its job this past snow season, actually more than met my expectations.
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Doing it over, I would seriously consider getting a 2520 or 2720 instead of my 2320, to get a little more weight, power and hydraulic flow. I wanted to stay light because I mow a lot, but have found that my ground doesn't track or compact under tractor weight. All in all, I'm satisfied though.
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Knowing what u know now would u still buy the tractor you purchased? If not why and what would you buy in stead? How does that tractor better suit your needs?

I bought a used (251 hours) Kubota L48 TLB.
Kept my pristine little Ford 1920 FEL too.
The Kubota is a delightful brute, it being an intermediate size TLB (48 HP).
Would make the same choice 1000 times over again!
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First new tractor was a Kubota L3130 HST;it did everything I needed but traded for a cabbed L4240 and really like this tractor.Looking back I should have purchased a L5740 but over-all happy with what I have.I am not trading for anything bigger.
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I researched tractors to death for about a year for my defined needs, I think I made the right decision! I will have 85h on mine since August 1st 2020. I got a larger compact with a cab and 48.3Hp