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Feb 4, 2021
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Kubota B2150 HSD
First I want to say I knew little to nothing about hydraulics when I got this tractor.

Back story; We had a wind storm last Dec. and several trees and limbs came down at our property as well as at my Mom's place. I'm not a young buck anymore, and our kids are out of the house now. So how do I move all the debris? I'm thinking a grapple will make quick work of it. (Grapple research ongoing during this time too) So the search and research was on to find B2150 hydraulic info. I spent more hours searching the net for any info on the B2150 hydraulic system then I'd like. There's just not a lot of info out there on this old tractor!

Then I came upon a post here by a member with a B2150 and he mentioned he had a grapple!
So I joined up here. (BTW tons of other great info here, and a great community!)

@SwannyB2150HST I can't thank you enough for taking your time to explain how you got your 3rd function plumbed to me!

Anyone with a B2150 looking at this, this is what I've discovered, and how I plumbed mine. I am not a expert by any means! Use this info at your own risk!!! This is just what I did...

First, when the FEL is installed on the B2150, it uses 3 hoses to/from the tractor's valve block.

1 is Pressure Out(Power), 2 is return(Neutral ie Tank) In, and 3 (Power Beyond In). 3 is what supplies hydraulic fluid to the rear 3-point hitch. When the FEL is on the tractor there is a flow directional valve on the tractor valve block that has to be turned fully clockwise. This routes the pressurized hydraulic fluid to the FEL valve block first, and then back to the 3 point hitch.

Note: If the FEL valve block is not on the tractor the directional valve on the tractor valve block HAS to be rotated fully counter-clockwise! Or the 3 pt hitch will not work and you can damage the hydraulics of the tractor! BTW there are 2 FELs available for the B2150, LA350 and LA350(A). My understanding is with the LA350(A) [What I have] the valve block stays on the tractor when the FEL is removed(True!). On the LA350 the valve block is removed with the FEL. Anyone with a LA350 who can confirm this?

Pics say a thous words so with the FEL installed, this is the tractor valve block;
There are no labels on the tractor valve block.
1 = Pressure (Power/Pump) to FEL valve block
2 = Return (Neutral/Tank) from FEL valve block
3 = Power Beyond in, return from FEL valve block.
DV = Directional valve
3PT = Three point hitch


This is the FEL valve block. Only labels are IN, Out, A,B,C,D
1= IN Pressure (Power/Pump)
2= OUT Return (Neutral/Tank)
3= Power Beyond out (No lable)


On to the good stuff;
I used a Summit Hydraulics kit that was all inclusive. But they don't make one specifically for the B2150. So I took a chance on one designed for the Kubota L2501, L3200, L3301, and L3901 Tractors. One hose did not fit so I had one made locally. The valve bracket I could not find any good place to mount it using the included hardware/bracket. I wanted it and the hoses protected and inside the FEL, not on the FEL support post.

I was able to mount it to the top of the FEL control valve block protective cover. This keeps it safe and secure.


On the FEL control valve block, I located the Power Beyond port (it is not labeled PB[SEE ABOVE]), and removed that hose from the FEL control valve block. This hose gets attached to the T(tank) port on the 3rd function valve, which supplys fluid to the 3 PT on the tractor.
From the PB port on the FEL control valve block I added a new hose going to to the P port on the 3rd function valve (This is the hose I had made locally).

I then connected the 3rd function control wires to the lights wire under the hood with the supplied in-line fuse and to a ground point.


Plus I added a toggle (safety) switch to disable the 3rd function valve when it is not needed or being used.


The supplied cross beam coupler mount's supplied U bolt was to small for my cross beam. So I used a 3-1/2" exhaust clamp U bolt to mount it.


Every thing works perfectly!
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