Kubota MX6000 E20 Error Code



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Apr 30, 2020
Rural PA
Kubota MX6000, MF 35
MX6000 HST...~300 hours

Hot day, combination of finish mowing and brush hogging for ~6 hours.

At the time of the event, the brush hog was on, RPMs at PTO speed, HST in low range, cutting ~2 ft. tall grass...no brush or saplings in this part of the field.

Tractor simply shutdown...would not restart.

"!" light and E20 displayed in the hours display when trying to restart.

Operators manual says: E20 = COMMUNICATION ERROR - Call Kubota.

Google search was limited - a few mentions of broken electrical connectors on the driver's right side just ahead of the rear axle, down low, and easy to get disconnected or broken by brush or saplings.

Also several other references to a fuse being blown triggering the E20 Error Code.

The MX has just a single wire running to a small plug-in connector on the right side of the transmission just ahead of the rear axle. It was still connected and wire was good on mine.

Started checking fuses. Fuse #4, a 5a fuse, (believe it was marked as "ECU Main") was blown.

Replaced with the spare from the fuse case...started right up (and I picked up a couple spares at NAPA afterwards).

Concern is that fuses typically do not randomly blow without a cause...although in this case, no root cause identified yet.

All seems normal and I've added 5 hours mowing on another 90 degree day, with no further issues - - - so far...

Posting this as info in case someone else runs into a similar error...and as a placeholder for me, should it happen again!