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@MaSon_ Welcome to TBN. I should of said that in my first reply to your question.

Personally I would keep looking but I don't know what your needs are. Like arto said, it looks like a good project but $400 is more than I would want to spend on it. Good luck.
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It looks like a good project and will keep the next owner busy for a week or two while doing an overhaul and spending few hundred bucks on parts.
I'll 2nd that. Better shape than my $100 917 was. If there is oil in the gear box, you can hitch it up & it spins without to much vibration its probably worth it. Maybe only a couple hours of TLC required. I wouldn't bother with bearings unless they had issues. New knives shouldn't be to bad if needed.
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It looks to be well built and heavy duty. It appears to use Alamo blades and hangers. If so, those are very readily available. The rest of the parts shouldn't be too bad if you know how to research and find bearings and things like that. If I had the time I'd spend the $400 on it. Add about another $200-$400 in parts (if needed) and you'll have a $1000 mower (depending on the market).

Edit: The more I look at it the more I think it might be a very old Alamo (or Mott). The housing is shaped like an Alamo, the belt tensioner is like an Alamo, but the rear roller and belt cover do not look like the current Alamo.
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Okay thanks guys. I am in need of a heavy mower and from what I've read in this very long post a flail is a better investment than a rotary. There are a couple of deere 25As nearby but they are more money ($700 and 1000). There is also a Mott that looks in good shape but the guy is asking close to $3k for it.
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Used John Deere 25A for$700 or 1000 is worth checking out and potentially a very good deal if it's in good condition!

They are usually pretty pricey...
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Shoot, over the last couple years Deere 25’s that are under $1000 are not for sale long..... I missed out on each one that was in the $500-$1000 range.
I ended up with a ford 917..... as seen back in the thread around page 640-ish I think?

best of luck and welcome to the club.
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Is this to rough? It's near me but I wonder if it is to much work to get it right
Fascinating Florida find.as fore the price, sadly I’m outta touch. As for my gut on the mechanical viability.... the patina doesn’t look scary “enough” to warrant walking away.