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Mar 19, 2005
4000\' mountains of Southern California
Mahindra 7520, Mahindra 3215HST, Case 580 extendahoe, Case 310 dozer, Parsons trencher, Cat D6,
Did some harrowing this past weekend using my 15' eight bar 3ph Marten's spiked tooth harrow. Noticed during a few of my stops that I had lost a few spikes.:( Figured no big deal, I will just get in touch with these guys and buy some replacements. Well, Mr Martens will not sell me any,:eek: said that he will send me a box full of replacement spikes at no charge.:eek: :D :D Now that is customer service. Just thought that I would post this because we so often hear only the bad side of service provided.
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Good post Brian.
You're right about hearing only the bad side and it's nice of you to post this about great customer service like that.