Mt 240he hydro cavitation?

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I'll pass that along, thanks
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Picked up my tractor on Thursday, it's only been a couple days, but I have not had the whine at all.
So far it looks like replacing both relief valves fixed the problem at this point. I'll be sure to post if the whine comes back, until then, no news is good news.

No fix for my 3 - 5 hour regens, everything they checked and LS requested to be checked tested OK, time will tell.
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The whine is back the pressure relief valves did NOT fix the issue.
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Sorry to hear the noise came back. I wasn't necessarily convinced that the check valves were your culprit but you never know. Those check valves route fluid to the hydro and the cooler so it's difficult to see why they would whine especially at the lower pressure. Good luck finding the smoking gun.

Regarding your regen didn't you post somewhere that the dealer replaced the turbo?
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no, they replaced a sensor a while back that was reading erratically, the sensor is now stable, but the regen issue remains. They said it must be a fuel issue, I said take a sample and prove it... they don't have that ability lol
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Has this completely corrected the issue for you?

Have not had the time to get my tractor to the dealer. Work schedule kinda hectic for a few more weeks. I'll call the dealer tomorrow and see how theirs is holding up. They replaced only the valves too on their tractor and it made a substantial improvement but still had the noise. Last I checked up on this they replaced the whole base on theirs two days prior. No noise at that time but they wanted to give it a month to be 100% they beat it.
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any updates?

Not yet, been stupid busy last month or so. Did you have any improvement with your noise or is it the same as before?
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same as before, seems to be coming from the HST filter housing, can hear and feel it holding the filter when the noise happens, the main filter is quiet and smooth.