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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
Kioti DK35, Ford 8N, Oliver Cletrac
I just got a call from my son who is out at our farm. My Dk35 was running and working and all of a sudden it lost power. It would start and run but it if you give it any throttle nothing happens.

It now will start but the idle fluxuates from 1000rpm down to about 500 rpm and runs real rough. Sometime it just shuts itself off.

We've checked the fuel and it has not jelled, it's running from the tank to the pump, and from that to the filter and them to the injector pump. When he cracked to line to the injector pump it had pressure.

I'm at a loss, I just hope the injector pump hasn't gone. My guess is that is big bucks.
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Is it HST? Does it have a lever for remote hydraulics? I know that sometimes my remote lever gets switched one way or the other and it acts like it has almost no power all of a sudden.
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Also check your air intake and air filters. Something might of got suck in.
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When you read all the other posts there is is very common condition going on with diesels and cold weather. I would add fuel conditioner and read the other posts about the subject.
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Well it's running just fine now. I still don't know what we did but the problem may have been caused by moisture in the air intake.

After we got it running for a while ( very rough, with lots of unburned fuel and a lot of knocking) we cracked each injector to see if one caused the engine to stumble, figuring that it may be a bad injector.

As we cracked each one there was no difference in the engine performance. After doing this about 3 times it suddenly started to smooth out and began to run normally.

In checking with my son I asked what he was doing when it started to run poorly. He said he was using the bucket to make a large snow pile ( almost 8 ft high) to make a snow fort for the kids and as he was finishing it started. Since we could find nothing wrong with the fuel delivery my guess is that as he was dumping the fluffy snow it was being sucked into the air cleaner and through the air plenum where it may have pooled or frozen something up.

After running for a while it thawed out or worked it's way through the system and the engine smoothed out.

I guess all I can do is work it and see if it happens again. We won't be building any snow forts.