new to me 03 century 2535

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Thanks for the info guys.
so far it does have a bad head gasket. It blows coolant right behind the water pump between head and block. i gotta switch out. If anyone knows where i can get one? Also when i have the three point up all the way and i use the front end loader. the 3 point drops. I’m guessing the pump needs rebuilt? Or the wix filter sucks. But guessing hydro pump.
Good price , but from past experience the tractor was kept outside, and sit awhile, I have equal to yours mine is 2910i Branson, and it sit outside in a field at lest 2 years, if you replace head, I knew I would need to because my brother is retired diesel mechanic, he told me there would be failure due to sitting. Told me wait until it failed, then order, radiator, water pump, thermostat, cylinder head assy(A1700) new model for head). seals and spacers for injectors, and all gaskets for Items listed.All items was under $2000 in 2016. I can’t find invoice for radiator. I tried using other hydraulic filters but it didn’t work, those due to leaking of Fram and other brands, I stick to Branson Hydraulic Filter :NTB803000B3: Oil filter I use Wix 51334: fuel filter: Wix: 33363. I found the mesh hydraulic filter by taking off hydraulic filter, then taking steel cup (has a bolt in center) there you will find a very important filter plus the hydraulic hose, you need to change or clean this when you change hyd. oil and check that hose, mine was collapsed so my hydraulics didn’t work and I’m sure this caused the failure of hyd. Pump for equipment attachment. That I learned a lesson. I didn’t give that much for mine, I explained to owner what the tractor would need to correct all problems, owner agreed, they figured head was blown. I got 7’ blade, which I knew tractor couldn’t handle that big of blade, also a Branson Shredder, that I knew would need total rebuild(I was right), these pieces were thrown in free and I gave owner about 2400 for tractor.Again I highly recommend changing hyd. oil and filter and mesh filter and check you hose, could be why l trouble 3 point lift. Good Luck, you still got a great deal and tractor has a good home.