1. F

    AGT H15 - new but..

    Hello all. I have just pickedup an Agrotek H15 from auction. Got it home and found the battery was dead and hand pull for the engine snapped. While charging the battery, I got the handle fixed and started up the machine. Blade works up and down, tracks work but the front boom and swinging...
  2. J

    New to site, looks promising

    Hello everyone, just signed up to the site. I've owned my massey now for 15yrs. 09 GC2410TLB with a 60in mower deck. Other then regular routine maintenance yearly and second set of mower blades, she been a pretty reliable tractor. She has approx 550hrs. I did replace the battery, but I went...
  3. B

    New Railroad ties used for structural support.

    Something like this was brought up before. I'm aware of the toxic chemicals used to preserve the wood. Im 52 divorced and my children are grown. The small amount of money I made when we sold are family home I bought a few acres and I'm going to build a small bardominiom for myself. 33' x 55'...
  4. H

    New Holland 4.105 PTO clutch

    I'm wondering if anyone has had the PTO clutch pack out of a 4.105? Any "do this" or "don't do that" sort of things one needs to be aware of?
  5. bmaverick

    Ke130 Engine like new low hours,no leaks runs perfect

    This just hit the market place on TBN . . . Very rare to find a complete working engine like this today.
  6. Williy


    Just seen this on youtube: willy
  7. HEC

    New Kubota MX 6000 pros and cons

    I now have 30 hrs. on the new cab tractor, and this is what I think so far. Pros: 1. no more bugs etc. 2. cool in summer warm in winter 3. Very surprised about the fuel economy with so few hrs. on tractor. I recently filled to the very top and mowed exactly 1 hr. by...
  8. M

    PTO insight for new operator

    I've had our YM342 for a week now and looking for experience and insight on PTO operation. I'm brush mowing for now with a 72" Yanmar rotary cutter (I will run an auger later). I'm only running in the 540 position, not the 540e (not sure I will every use the 540e). Manual says run engine RPM at...
  9. M

    New YM342

    Hi all. I just bought a new Yanmar YM342 in okc. We added the quick hitch, box blade, auger and brush mower. I'm pleased with the purchase however it was a process. They brought the tractor a week ago. Offloaded and coached me. In the process, the PTO didn't engage. So, after a bit, I asked...
  10. C

    New 2 me 2018 KX71-3 excavator

    I have had it a week working through doing the next service, greasing, filling fluids etc. I have 2 questions. 1- I have a warning light that looks like a simple clock. A circle w/ hands set at 9 oclock and the typical warning triangle stabbing the clock at about 5 oclock. I have spent hours and...
  11. Dadnatron

    New farm… ‘new’ equipment. 6120M thoughts and alternatives.

    I sold my horse farm a few years ago, after building it from a row crop system. I did it primarily with a JD5100E with an FEL. Danuser tree puller, grapple and 3 shank subsoiler. I pushed it pretty hard, and in all reality, I needed a step up in frame size, to do what I asked of it. That tractor...
  12. Torvy

    New dealerships in FtW area...

    Saw this video from TYM about a new dealership in Ft. Worth. Sounds like maybe they are going to encourage dealership groups. I approve unless it become huge groups like the JD stores around here.
  13. R

    new 1725--(2022 year)

    picked my new 2022 year 1725 model ---loader and 60 in belly mower.
  14. TractorGunn

    New here, question on LS MT242H and a Brush Hog

    As stated, I am new here, and have never owned a tractor before, but have run skidsteers and other construction equipment most of my life. I'm stoked about getting this tractor for our property. I just bought the new LS mentioned above which is coming in about a week or so. We also want to get...
  15. R

    new owner--

    I bought a new 2022 massey ferguson 1725 with --loader--60 in belly mower--no back hoe monday(not delivered yet) ---does anyone use a specific fuel additive? ---and also does anyone use synthetic engine oil?--thank you
  16. 4

    New to TBN in Oklahoma

    Just saying hi Just upgraded from a Ford 850 to a TYM/Branson 5520c It's so nice having AC to do chores with.
  17. M

    New shop build radiant floor heating sizing heat source.

    I have posted a few questions about my shop build and you guys have been really helpful! So my next question i have a 28x40 slab with 5 250’ runs of half inch pex. Is there a calc out there to figure out what size heating unit to put on it? I am think some form of water heater. If i am...
  18. dstig1

    New sink drain trouble

    I'm finally getting around to putting in a laundry sink and cabinet and have run into a snag. The standpipe into the wall is set really low. The plumber set this one much lower than the others for some reason and it didn't become noticeable until I went to install the drain. It is centered...
  19. L


    Hobbyist with 2020 RK24. Aside from current issue absolutely love it. A great little workhorse.
  20. M

    New blades

    Needed new blades for my Titan 60. Dealer last price was $135. Ordered some 8Ten off Amazon as per Project Farm on YouTube. Managed to tag a piece of 3/8 rebar yesterday. Cut it in half with minimal damage to the blades. They should rename these as Ten Ten. Highly recommend them
  21. Yander

    My new to me Truck is a little banged up!

    I was coming home from town the other night on my road about a half mile from home and a teenage boy ran a stop sign. He stopped completely, I thought he saw me then we I got about 40 feet from the intersection he pulled right out in front of me. I didn't even get to my brakes it happened so...
  22. R

    New Holland TC40D Tractor

    I purchased a TC40D tractor at an estate sale 12 years ago. I’m trying to find out when it was manufactured. I found an aluminum plate ( see enclosed pic) with the following numbers [G510492][08176][3M22106] and [1121D]. Anyone know what they mean? Appreciate it.
  23. D

    New Kubota Corrosion

    Hello All, I have been reading a learning a ton on this site. Thank you to all who contribute. I have a 1 year old Kubota 4760, 2022 model delivered in May of 2023. I am appauled by the corrosion on all the silver plated hardware. The tractor has 55 hours on it, and is kept either in my garage...
  24. tacticalturnip

    I brought the new mower home.

    That yellow is a little bright for me, but the local Cub dealer was happy as heck to take my money; meanwhile, the Deere dealer, not so much. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does; my last Cub mowed like a champ. My oldest already bummed around the property, had some fun, and then learned...
  25. M

    New 5m series vs 6d series

    My dad is looking to buy a new or somewhat new tractor with loader and cab, this really wasn't in the plans at this moment but had a tractor catch fire so need to do something, still waiting on insurance, pretty sure will be a total loss. Was looking at the new 5m series, specifically the 5120...
  26. A

    New Mahindras

    If anyone didn’t hear already, Mahindra and Mitsubishi have teamed up to produce tractors from one factory and will no longer outsource to TYM or the old Mahindra factory in India nor Mitsubishi of Japan. All sub, compact and utility tractors are now coming from one place as a result of the...
  27. C

    New 110TLB owner

    Hi All, I just bought my first tractor, an 04-05ish 110 TLB. It’s pretty rusty from salt and has high hours, just north of 6k, price was right so I took the risk. I don’t have much money to drop on equipment but my wife and I are determined to build our house, and I needed a machine to do some...
  28. Runner

    New 2024 Cub Cadet Ultima ZTXS5 54

    Pulled the trigger on a new 2024 Cub Cadet Ultima ZTXS5 54. This thread will be to document my experience in this journey. Everything about this machine, including the buying process is completely different from anything I've done before. First, a little background on my needs. I have a 6...
  29. rbargeron

    New Owner of XT2 with EFI

    Its a good tractor EXCEPT the push-button starter module shuts off the engine after about and hour - just stops and wont fire again until sometimes it will run again for another hour - but eventually it quits again. When it stops there's no fuel supply and no spark. I found a relevant video...
  30. J

    New (2023 built) LS R3039H.....well sort of

    Gday all, now that I've got your attention 😊 I'd like to introduce myself - John from Australia - and my new tractor. I have spent many hrs researching different brands/models/sizes etc before deciding on this - in no small part to the huge amount of mostly, unbiased information available here...
  31. N

    New Texas Member here

    Hello all, just realized the post I made in Attachments was my first post. I tried to login last night and was told I was blocked because of spam so I assumed I had more post. My mistake. I own a 2023 Kioti CK2620 with a FEL. We’re going to use it to help maintain our 10 acres we have in East...
  32. M

    Prepping new(used) implement for for my hydraulics

    Just picked up a 3 point splitter that I'm going to use on my Kubota BX25. I know, I know, it's going to be slow etc...I don;t do much splitting so not having a small engine sitting idle for long periods of time are the major pro to the purchase. I picked it up used(looks like it's hardly been...
  33. B

    Error Code P-208B, New Kubota Tractor, less than 25 hrs use

    Hi everyone, I'm reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced issues with the P208B error code, particularly in hot weather conditions. I'm operating a Kubota tractor an M6S111. The P208B code relates to DEF/AdBlue thawing issues according to the user manual, but it's perplexing to...
  34. H

    New Holland TT60A wiring diagrams

    I'm hoping someone out there may have a book or CD of the wiring diagrams. Primarily interested in the three wires on the alternator. It has three posts. One large one is battery positive output, one small one I believe might be the tach output signal. The third post is slightly smaller than the...
  35. A

    Pics of new shop completed

    I have posted a few pics of various stages of my shop project but I thought I would post a pic of the final project. I have been wanting a workshop for quite a while and I finally started a little over a year ago. The only thing left to do is the concrete pad in front of the doors. Size is 40...
  36. J

    Trailer recommendation for a New Holland Workmaster 75

    Hi all, I'm shopping for a trailer to haul a new holland work master 75 with loader and am seeking recommendations. At first I was looking at the partial tilt trailers with the fenders that raise above the decking but even the models that are 102" wide I am concerned will be a really tight fit...
  37. J

    New Muffler and exhaust pipe

    Bought a new muffler on Ebay. Went to a local metal fabricator and had him create a new exhaust pipe. He did a really good job ! It's noticeably quieter than it was before. He also fab'd a nice heat shield.
  38. Cyrilmanyau

    New Holland

    I'm looking for the spindle, arm of that new Holland, whose model I'm not quite sure of
  39. M

    Hmmm…tubes? Or new tires?

    Opinions please. Previous owner put turf tread tires on our 425 (23 x 10.50-12)…hardly any tread wear but cracking in sidewalls, and a couple have slow leaks. Last time I bought a new tube for a lawn tractor (good brand I thought) it came apart real easily…new tires are quite expensive… Thoughts? 😊
  40. T

    New to me 9540 seat replacement

    Just bought an older 9540 So far very impressed with its build quality Has anyone swapped the factory seat with an air ride seat at all ?
  41. CalienteJohn

    New to me TC29D cranks & won’t start

    Long time reader first time poster. Please correct if in the wrong location etc Just bought a new holland TC29D With supposed yanmar loader 1,100 hours “won’t start as is $4,000 with fuel to haul it home. Initial testing it cranks but no smoke from exhaust, dirty filter and fuel didn’t smell...
  42. D

    Flail Mower  New to Me- Seppi SMO 200 Flail Mower

    New to me, definitely NOT new. I have the mower on blocks in the shop. I was concerned about the ugly looking gear oil and not being able to drain it completely due to the drain not being at the low point of the housing. I removed the gear box and have it hanging at an angle that should allow...
  43. YanmarFever

    New shop going up!

    36 x 120 with a few windows. The yellow one in the back round is our old building (1993) 70x100 More pictures coming as it goes up.
  44. F

    New Holland 16 LA bucket

    Hello, I own a new Holland tractor with a 16LA front loader. The current bucket is old and worn out and I need to replace it. Where is a good place to look for these buckets? Thanks.
  45. confederatemule

    New Mahindra 1100 series

    I am very interested in a Mahindra 1126 with loader and 60" mid mount mower. I am told that the Emax and Max series has been discontinued. I went looking to possibly buy an Emax 20s. It did not make me happy because of the rocker pedal for the HST. My right ankle is not flexible. My gut size...
  46. CloverKnollFarms

    New Tractor sales numbers in India

    Looks like things are slowing, even for green and orange
  47. Muhammad

    New product testing

    We're looking for 3-4 members who are interested in receiving a free tractor related product for testing. In exchange for this product we would ask for a product review and feedback within 5 days of receiving the item. If interested, please send me a private message with your name and address...
  48. HP942

    New take on a 3 point carryall

    Here is a little project I just completed. I was wanting something different than my old "standby" 3 point carryall and I settled on this. I started with a used jobox I bought off marketplace and had some 3" channel and other scrap steel laying around. I started cutting, grinding, welding and...
  49. orezok

    New blades

    Installed new blades on my Blecavator. I found out that JD5 blades fit perfectly
  50. California

    Looking for something to weld with your new welder?

    New welder? You just got into welding? If you don't actually have anything that needs welding - then here are some sample projects.
  51. L

    New Holland 575 Baler Hydraulic Issues

    Started baling today and the hydraulic tensioner will not get tight (bales loose) then it started shooting oil out the gauge. Help!! I can't find the book and my dad passed away in December so I can't ask him.
  52. Rocking 74

    New Holland T4.75 front hub issues

    I need some help diagnosing a recurrent issue with my front final end drive on my MFWD T4.75. The sun (part # 5191412) & planetary gears (5165273) housed in the hub locked up somehow resulting in the planetaries loosing some teeth and the sun gear ground completely smooth. The Hub (87542225) was...
  53. Paystar

    New SXS

    Well, I did it. Gunna try a CF Moto. While the wife and I really enjoy trail riding in the Kubota RTV-X1100C, there's a couple times a year I have friends from out of town come visit and they all have Polaris and Can Am 1000's and the RTV just isn't fast enough for long distance rides with those...
  54. J

    Hello from a new Branson 2400h owner.

    Hi all I just bought a 2016 Branson 2400h 4x4 with the sl00 fel and an MK Martin 60 inch blower. The lady I bought it from didn't post a price in the ad so when I inquired and she said $6k (CDN) I bought it. 324 hours on it. The only thing wrong with it is the rear hydraulic lift arms don't...
  55. Peace

    New Toyota Champ P/U

    i posted this in another thread. I’ll go back and delete it so as not to derail it. Would it be possible to buy one in Mexico and bring it home to the US? Some states allow Side by side to be registered for road use. Even if it couldn’t be registered (emissions?), it’s cheaper than many Utility...
  56. JasperFrank

    Do you personally go to a farmer's market?

    We have several in my area that are permanent. We go all the time to these, but it is a must do when ever we hear about a new one. These tend to be pop up markets that don't do it every year. We always find something really great, like Lamb sausage sticks, other jerky's, cheeses, local...
  57. T

    New to me - MF 1156

    Hi All - I just picked up an 1100 hour MF1156 that was run at a golf course for many years and then set out back when new machines arrived, it starts runs and drives but needs a waterpump, fan and radiator. We drove it up on a trailer seems to have plenty of power, shifts and the transmission...
  58. T

    New Holland TK4.100HC

    When the conditions are too muddy, but the vegetables need to be harvested
  59. 2

    New to TBN

    Western KY native always looking for advice from subject matter experts in the field of shadetree and professional mechanics. I have stumbled on this website a few times decided to register to ask questions when needed and maybe answer a few if I can.
  60. mx842

    Need some suggestions on how to fix water getting into my new building.

    I just had a 60X60' metal building put up and Everything is wonderful accept the lousy concrete pour. Aside from having a bunch of cracks everywhere there is a low place in the center of the floor where water will hit the concrete out in my covered side shed and end up piling up on the wall and...
  61. Complete Turf Care

    Stolen Tractor - New Holland TC 45

    This tractor was stolen between March 24 and March 26 in Crowley, Louisiana. It is a New Holland TC 45 that belongs to my nephew. The plow was also stolen. It was parked in an old shed, and the key was not anywhere near it.
  62. M

    Clutch slipping on hills New Holland TT75A s

    How do you repair a slipping clutch. It's fine on flat ground and doesn't Slip at all but going up a hill and it slows down.?
  63. rob0075

    Buying new JD 5075E or Kubota M4D-071

    I'm getting ready to buy either a 5075e or a M4D. Currently own a JD 4052r and a Kubota B2601 so I'm not necessarily loyal to either brand, both dealers are rather close and seem good to work with. I've really looked at both tractors and each has things I like. I've heard a lot of people...
  64. T

    Pulled the trigger on a new 2024 Kioti Dk4720 SE cab

    I was a kubota guy my whole life. I currently own a septic business and we use my U-35 mini excavator a lot and love it. I just purchased a 50-acre farm on a foreclosure. Never thought I would be going Kioti but more bang for the $, more features and more power. I am paying cash for my new...
  65. G

    My New 2638

    Just took possession of a new Mahindra 2638. Got it equipped with rear remotes, hydraulic top link, rear blade, tire chains, wheel spacers and rear tire ballast. Will put it to work shortly to prepare a site for a new garage workshop. Can’t wait! Now looking for a service manual. Why are...
  66. S

    Looking for new JD model to the forum. I own a 2005 John Deere LX280. Been a great mower for almost 20 years. Has about 700 hours on it. Was looking for a new model that's as close to this model specs as possible (size, hp, deck size, reliability). What are your suggestions? I'm guessing the 300 series...
  67. JimBinMI

    New Holland to Kubota

    Well last Fall I was looking for a BX with 54" deck to use as a mowing machine, I already have a BX25D. Unfortunately I found a TZ18DA first with a 60" deck and a great price so I bought it last October. Then, I couldn't keep off of Machinery Pete's website and I found a heck of a deal...I...
  68. N

    New Holland T4.75 power star hydraulic problem

    The loader jerks really Bad when the oil is hot . I have replaced the pump, loader control valve, relief valve, change filter and oil ,replaced all suction hoses on suction side of pump ,changed the quick couplings and switched the hoses on the lift and replaced the cylinder packing . Installed...
  69. L

    Need a new(er) truck.... Maybe?

    I just got my 2013 Ram 1500 back from the shop 5.7 Hemi. Symptoms were ticking, lack of power, and check engine light. After a week in the shop they finally located a burned valve. The shop had the heads sent off to a local machine shop who repaired the burned valve, not sure the details. I'm...
  70. tacticalturnip

    I need a new lawn mower!

    Hello folks, After giving up on my 314 and sending it on down the line, I am without a mower; this hasn't been a problem, but it'll need to be rectified before we get into Spring. My lawn, if you could call it that, would currently be about an acre on a just under 2 acre property. It barely...
  71. D

    RK37 New to me, hydraulic leak, not sure what to check

    Hello all. Well i was very excited to get my first tractor this weekend(I have only had skidsteers in the past.) Saw a great deal on a RK37 shuttle shift with 240 hours and I jumped on it. Guy said it had no leaks and I didn't notice anything while i was checking it out, but it was in the...
  72. WoodChuckDad

    New TV. Purchase and delivery, Who to buy from ??

    The Brand is Sony. I have a Best Buy and a Crutchfield local to me. I could also just order straight from Sony. I'm trying to think of a reason to buy from one of the stores. The new models come out in a month or so and I don't expect the prices to be better. I have a model in mind that I...
  73. A

    Loader  Kubota LA463FL New Joint Rod End Keeps Slipping Out of Control Lever

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to prevent the joint rod end from slipping out of the control lever on a LA463FL? I replaced it and it works for a brief time and then slips out, usually when lowering. I left the cover off and observed it and it even will slip out with the bucket lowered...
  74. JDGreenThumb

    New to TBN Forum

    Hi y'all. Just joined and thought I'd start with a little intro. I recently bought a home sitting on 5 acres (+/-) and with the sale the PO left us a JD 755 Turf & Lawn Utility tractor that "needs a little" work. What I was told is: it needs a battery (currently has no battery at all), the fuel...
  75. Erik N

    New Member Mitsubishi D3250FD

    Hello guys, I just joined this forum. This is my first post, I didn't see a "General" forum so I chose this one (mods feel free to move if needed). Anyway, I finally bought a Mitsubishi D3250FD that I had been courting for a couple of years. Year is unknown. Yes, it's a Vietnamese rebuild...
  76. T

    New E60 Excavator

    After four surgeries in the past three years, I can’t lift or run a shovel anymore. Decided to get a little help!
  77. WoodChuckDad

    Tube Frame Metal Buildings--I need a new goat barn

    IF you have a similar building, how accurate were the online or original price quotes? I need another goat barn. I visited another farm where I plan to buy some goats, and they had a large,tube frame steel building. I liked the way it looks and I think something a bit smaller would work very...
  78. H

    code problems

    I have a L S XU 6168 its a 2019 with 230 hours it has two codes F11 F31 i put two new fuel filters on it still has the codes no throttle lever or pedal however it run great it will move you just cant give it throttle PS were can i get a code reader for this tractor Any help would be...
  79. plowhog

    New Diesel Truck-- Buy Now, or Wait?

    I would like to have a new 3/4 heavy duty diesel pickup. My 2011 GMC 2500HD has given me excellent service. I have maintained it well, its running fine now, but since it has over 250k miles I am thinking of getting a new one. Now 13 years old, I feel I need to re-start the clock on a new truck...

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  81. S

    is Solis a new tractor brand?

    Solis in USA is new brand, but globally we are exporting tractor to more than 150 countries from India. Solis is the largest tractor exporter from India since last 4 year. we have achieved leadership position in many market in addressable segment like France, Germany, Hungry, Slovenia, Belgium...
  82. G

    Grip N' Rip Tree Removal

    We are a company founded out of Petoskey, MI and we are looking into purchasing a Skid Steer at the end of this month to help us service our clients. Any recommendations on attachments that you guys might suggest? Here is our website for reference: Home - Grip N' Rip Tree Removal