New to the group, new to tractors, love my LS MT240E – 40HP!

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Apr 8, 2021
You are most welcome!

It's always good to have the service manual, so yes. Your dealer should be able to get you one or at least a digital (PDF) one. That's what I have.
A good torque wrench and the proper metric sockets may be more important. You need to be able to torque the lugnuts and wheel nuts to about 165 lb ft if I recall.

I believe you will need a 24mm and a 27mm at least, I'm not home to verify right now.

I do have a M18 FUEL™ 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Kit and it has been more handy than I imagined but not so much for the MT240, but just in general. I have used it to remove a front tire quickly when I had a flat as well as trailer wheels for inspection and bearing maintenance, even used it to get the water heater anode out for replacement!
Wonderful! Thanks so much for your valuable guidance--really appreciate it. Will now be shopping for a good torgue wrench. 😊👍


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Jan 15, 2013
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Hello, and thanks for the welcome. Also thanks for the tips! Round bales present a bit of a storage problem for me so I'm still using 3-strand 120lbs hay bales, which fit perfectly in the bucket. But that drag harrow you mentioned? It's next on the list, after the cultivator. Do you recommend a drag harrow and if so, is there a specific tine length you recommend? Many thanks in advance for whatever details you can give.
There are many manufacturers of chain harrows, which include different 'combinations... or you can knock-up your own (many TBN threads on that subject). My own (manufactured) has two sections; the first uses 5" V-shaped tines followed by a section of 'horizontal bar' ground effect chains. I'll pass the manure one or two times to break up the manure balls and then use my lawn tractor to mow/mulch the manure even further. If the manure is thick & compacted (especially around a hay feeder) I'll use a landscape rake to break it up.

Another implement that you'll appreciate will be a 'ballast box' on your 3PH (3 point hitch) as it doesn't stick out the back of your tractor as much as using a slasher/bush-hog as a counter balance.