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My use of the term "old timers" was meant with the greatest respect and admiration of your experience, wisdom, acumen, intelligence, savvy and perception.

I was going to just say horse sense but figured that might be misinterpreted as well. :)
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Re: PowerTrac Specific Modifications JOY STICK 3RD VALVE

Finally started to install a electric joystick operated 3rd valve option on my PT1430. I dislike having to disconnect the quick attach hoses every time I change the implement and reconnect to the implement (that and having to take my hand off the control lever and find the PT 3rd valve by my knee, then back up to control lever). I purchased "Hydraulic solenoid operated selector diverter valve 12 volt DC", part number "DSV0812VDC" off ebay. (The one sold by Summit has a 7th port for a drain, that I didn't like)

The valve was the first part to come in the mail, so I engineered a good spot for it on the tractor.

I changed the quick attach hoses over to a new location and install new holders. I figured the original location worked good for attaching the implement hoses that will now come from the diverter valve.

Now waiting for fittings and the joystick to come in the mail.

More to follow as work progresses.


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Re: PowerTrac Specific Modifications JOY STICK 3RD VALVE

Mine would not fit there so I put them on the bottom ledge. I added two valves so I could add an additional circuit for things like the v-plow or the swinging mini hoe.

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Re: PowerTrac Specific Modifications JOY STICK 3RD VALVE

BTW, mounting the switch on the loader joy stick has worked very well for me - never have to move your hand away from the controls. The momentary push button determines whether the loader joy stick controls the loader or the two new circuits. I left the quick attach connected the the auxillary PTO valve under the dash but plumbed directly instead of using the couplers.

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I am pushing to get this done because I want a Ryan's Log grapple (but just like the -4 hose fittings) it is out of stock, so waiting for them to build one (and local hyd shop to get fittings). The Ryan's grapple is nice because it comes with it's own diverter valve to change from open/close to rotate with only one hyd function. You only need the elect switch. I order from Canada a handle that has a trigger switch (to work the diverter valve I am installing) and it has two thumb buttons (one will switch the Ryans diverter valve to rotate and I will wire it to switch my diverter at same time).
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After seeing several people say they left the key in the on position
I decided to add a keychain.
And start removing the key every time I shut down for the day
Feels like back 20+ years ago, when I was a forklift operator, and we had to remove the key anytime we left the machine.