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Nice simple modification to make it work with the PT. Good idea.
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I think that will only apply to the PT425 mounting plate. I tried it on my PT018 & 430 and it wasn't close.
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Aluminized wire loom protecting the glow plugs on the 1445 Deutz BF3L2011 engine.

In hindsight, I probably made the heat issue worse by trying to prime the muffler with Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer, which I found out later has an upper limit of 200F. It turns black as it dries. It then proceeded to flake off in the first hour, leaving rusty metal underneath, so I am underwhelmed at its rust reforming abilities as well.

So yes, sanded, prepped, and painted twice; once with the rust reformer and then sanded it down with an abrasive disk (way better than rust reformer or sand paper)

I used silver "high temp" paint the second time, but one that sets at about 400F, which is about all the Deutz can generate.

Did I mention that I love the intake heaters? They really help cut down the black smoke on starting below 40F for me. (Thanks @SpringHollow!) I am not sure that I need two, but they certainly work.

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Might be better if you lowered the backside of the deflector so the air stream hits the shield at an angle and not straight on.
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Can you tell any difference in the noise level after the wrap?
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I'd be curious to see if that would make a difference on my 2001 PT425. Anything to reduce the heat under the hydraulic cooler would be a bonus, as long as it doesn't build up heat somewhere else, in my case.
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Can you tell any difference in the noise level after the wrap?
Nothing too obvious to me, but the muffler didn't rattle beforehand, so I would not have expected a change. I guess the hotter exhaust gases might sound different, but I also wear Howard Leighton Leightning L3 (30dB NRR) ear muffs, so I don't know how reliable I am on this one...

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