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More EVs=higher electric bills...I've said it for months now.
I think I'm the only home in my neighborhood without geothermal heating and air conditioning, as our house is much older than the rest. There was one other hold-out from the mid-1980's, but he upgraded to geothermal about 5 years ago, and I was amazed at how inexpensive it really was. I guess the costs have really come down.

Despite being larger properties, I think all of the systems in this neighborhood are the deep well variety. There would be no issue with the shallow field type either, we're each on several acres, so there must be some cost advantage to going deep well on an existing property. These are larger homes (6000 - 13,000 sq.ft.), so each system has several deep wells.

But I do wonder what having a hundred million suburbanites on 1/4 or 1/2 acre lots, each with several deep wells for geothermal, will ultimately do to our ground water. Could the increased temperature caused by pumping all of that summer heat into the aquafers lead to undesirable biology? Could the subsequent cooling of the aquafer caused by pulling so much heat from it during the winter cause undesirable geological activity, due to thermal cycling?

One of the things that frustrates so many is industry and media so often pretending the next new solution, whatever it is, is going to be the answer to all our woes. "Oh, no... it's panacea, it doesn't create any new problems, only fixes the old ones." Short of a mass extinction event, there's nothing we can do that doesn't have impact on the environment in which we live. All we can do is push that impact around to the direction that hurts us least.

Many here have already brought up diversification, and that's surely part of the solution. Not just for reliability and financial reasons, but in terms of distributing the negative impacts of any one technology.
Oil wells have transferred lots of heat from the well bore to the atmosphere. Consequences ???
There Is a community in Alberta that transfers solar heat to underground storage for heating season use. It has been in operation for twelve years or so. As the ground heat sink has become more saturated over the years the system is starting to produce all the winter heat required.
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I personally never cook with gasoline. The hotdogs and s'mores just don't have the same taste and aroma as when using diesel or acetylene. Steak, ok for that seared flavor. But "each to "it's" fancy, as me & my Nancy, said the old woman as she kissed the cow.".

BTW: The little known secret in my county about the low price of hydrocarbon (hence 'organic') fuel is that it's been watered down with 15% ethanol. My truck's instant fuel economy, range, and average fuel economy tell the entire story. So, the cost PER MILE is pretty similar to the $4.00 gasoline rate. Another reason my GAS golf cart is very hard to start and runs like krap.
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We could abort politicians since they want abortions legal. Just saying.
BTW they don't know the difference in male and female so if you can't get the basics right ------
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Thread closed due to politics... again.

Folks, please take the political comments elsewhere.

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