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Dec 31, 2008
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Ok I have a question for you who are way more knowlegable than me on this subject.............My neighbor has a ford 7000 with single rear remotes. He needs to run an attachment that requires dual remotes. What does he need to do to set this up? Can he somehow Tee into the feed line for the first set of hydraulic lines, then go to a valve and back again for a second set of remotes? I don't know much on the subject, but I'd like to help him out if I can.......If anyone has the time to explain in DETAIL what should be done for a second set of remotes I'd really appreciate it and so would he! Thanks!!!
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G'day if your friend is currently using a valve that is fed by an hyd line the easiest thing for him to do would be to remove the single spool valve and fit up a double spool that would give him a nice neat setup and prob cheaper and easier than going to the trouble of plumbing in a second valve. Best of luck:)
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There are a number of choices maybe
1. Simplist and cheapest add a diverter valve. It would plumb in to the out puts of the current vlave and then you could run either cylinder with the current 4 way but not both at the same time.
2. IF dealer available add a second 4 way stacked on the current valve.
3. IF the current 4 way is a discretly mounted valve then add a new 4way .
one of them has to have a power beyond port.
4. IF the current valve is discreatly mounted removed it and add a two spool.

I would go with option 1.
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Thanks guys, so I'm gussing the diverter vave has a lever to switch back and fourth?......Where is a good place to buy the diverter valve? I've seen some hydraulic valves and such in my Northern tool book, would those be good enough quality to mess with?
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Thse ford valves are pricey... probably set you back about 800$ to get a dual spool to set in place of that single spool.

I like the diverter idea if he don't need both hyd functions at once.. basically an A/B switch for hyds...

Only other option is to feed a seperate cheaper dual spool with his single spool.. etc..

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I like this one . I have used it before. The flow is much more than you need but I like the handle. The smaller ones have a push pull which I think is harder to actuate, especially if the valve is hard to mount. On the other hand maybe the valve is so hard to mount , a push pull would work better.
Northern has push pull for $55.
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So the diverter valve splits the single feed line in to two feed lines, so what about the return lines? Do we have to put a Y in the exsisting return line two allow for two hoses to connect?
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Read the attached links... you are not simply splitting a feed line.. .. for instance.. item 900 says it can be used to operate 2 different DAcicuits from one DA valve.

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The return is through the 4 way valve already installed.
Here is how it works.
On the current 4 way vlave you have two ports that go to the current cylinder. These get un hooked from the cylinder and go to the pressure ports on the diverter valve. The diverter valve also has 2 sets of cylinder ports. One set goes to one cylinder and the other set to the other cylinder. You may have quick disconnects in between.
You set the diverter valve one way or the other. then actuate the 4 way as you normally do. To run the other cylinder set the diverter valve the other way and then use the 4 way.

Selector valve is the correct name Diverter valve does something else.
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Ok thanks guy's!! I think I got it now. I'm gonna see if I can explain this to him and get the diverter valve ordered.