Removing water



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Apr 5, 2007
Eustis, FL
NH TC 40
My tractor (New Holland TC40) has a bit of water in the hydraulics, fun times! Fluid and filter change are imminent, but in my hunt for a long term solution (as this is not the first time water has been an issue), I've come across a couple of water absorbers that you can put in the hydraulic tank (Dry Hydraulics at Centerline Distribution was one of them) and I'm curious if anybody has tried something like this. If I could find a water absorbing filter, I would think about going that route, but I haven't yet found one to fit.


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Sep 15, 2013
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I dropped a Water Eliminator in my backhoe tank at the last change. I left behind several gallons of milky fluid as I only changed the oil in the tank and filter without trying to drain cylinders.

The Water Eliminator had been in for several months when I pulled it out to check it. No signs it absorbed anything. I dumped it in a pan with 100ml of water and all the desiccant swole up to fill about half the tube. I measured the remaining water and it had only absorbed 50ml.

The Water Eliminator is advertised for gas but the company said it would work in oil.

I imagine the water needs to separate and settle to the bottom for it to work. My Travelers Premium fluid had the water emulsified. I put some of the milky oil in a jar and let it sit for several months and the water NEVER separated.

I tired of changing oil and had a barn built to keep the tractors in. Oil stays clear if you keep them out of the rain. :)