Rodents win again

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your governments have created Rolling Buffets!!!

for last 20 years or so almost all car/truck/tractor makers are using soy based wiring insulation / coatings as Gov't wants more environmentally friendly and supports our local farmers.... down side is newer cars/trucks/tractors/etc.... have become rolling buffets for the little buggers.

More so than ever we need to take care or risk experiencing the heart break the OP had.
Yep, replaced many plastic fuel lines in cars because of this. Not to mention all the wiring I repaired.

The government has a monopoly on stupidity.
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My 18 month old Deere cab tractor was totally disabled about a month ago by either rats or mice. The total damage ended up costing about $11k as the little critters chewed on a variety of wiring harnesses, fuel lines, coolant lines and even the DEF lines. Seems like the Deere dealership had to disassemble half the tractor to get to and fix the damage. It had been parked on a gravel pad under a car port but looks like I need to move it to the concrete pad barn to at least get a little more protection. Been looking through a lot of posts and may look into Tom Cat, cayenne pepper, and some of the other suggestions. I have dogs so want to be careful with poisons. My truck has also been parked under the carport and have noticed evidence of mice on several occasions as they would eat my starlight peppermints and leave their wrappers all over the floorboard. I then put a live trap on my floorboard with the peppermint as the bait and have caught 5 mice in the last six months. I had previously used dryer sheets and heavily scented trash bags in my glove box where they had chewed on kleenex before but not sure they had any effect. All the damage to the tractor was underneath the cab which Deere had to totally remove so I need something I can use under the cab.

My tractor is finally being brought back this Friday. If anyone has any new updated ideas, I am all ears.
Mice damage on my tractor so far this year is that my headlights and horn don't work and I found a nest on top of my radiator last fall. I think I've solved mice living generationally between my cab headliner and cab top by shoving piles of OO steel wool down the A, B, and C rops pillars.

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Yikes...I spray WD40 on the areas/spots rodents might have interest yep to have problem.
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I've had mice in my vehicles. ATV, tractor and pickup. No damage but some really gnarly nests. I've tried just about everything. Snap traps, bucket traps, Peppermint oil, dryer sheets. Everything works for a while.

Finally - something that has worked for over two years - knock on wood. Open the hood and leave it open - except when using the vehicle. Mice do not seem to like open spaces. Barn cats are a big help also.
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In regard to insurance, I have very good insurance through Texas Farm Bureau. They covered everything and I only had to pay my deductible of $250.
Nice. Some people balk at insurance, but when you need it, you need it.
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Had a problem with tractor whistling when throttling up.... Traced it to a mouse (dead) and mouse nest in air cleaner.... Easily put a screen on tube feeding air cleaner, solved problem so far....

On my JEEP I leave hood up and put mechanics trouble light under hood area on a time clock....
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Would actually prefer "snap" traps but finding a bail they like has been a mystery....
Peanut butter and dog kibble. I put the peanut button on the trigger, then stick a piece of kibble to it. I have dispatched dozens of mice that way.
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I use moth balls in butter cups and place them all over the place on the boat in winter storage, also place the cups in the housing of the stand by gen, no issues with critters. Remove all food sources like bags of bird seed and dog food, place that stuff in plastic containers to seal the scent.
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Big glue traps with a blob of peanut butter in the middle. Always works for me. Have caught 22+ mice this year. I have 2 types here - deer & field. I buy these in bulk from Amazon and have found as many a 4 mice on a trap. Get the big ones even though the half-size cost less. I've had escapes from the 1/2 size but never the full size.

I buy these when it get cold:,aps,69&sr=8-5
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I have had best luck is "sticky boards".... But you have to have strong stomach with live critter wiggling in sticky goo and have to send it off (.177 cal. pellet pistol) to its final resting place...

Would actually prefer "snap" traps but finding a bail they like has been a mystery....
Peanut butter works good as bait