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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( I would like to find a true off set mower. The mowers everybody calls off set ... )</font>

So what you are looking for is something like this? (A standard power trac attachment) Note the nice hefty couterweight... imaging mowing on the side of a slope with this baby without the counterweight...


Or maybe you mean something like this? (another standard attachment)

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I was overwhelmed with the "toys" I saw at Power-tract last week....and these pics are just a tease. Ya know your in a different world when the first person you meet is called "Bubba" and really looks like one...LOL. These guys know how to make nasty toys.
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According to my calculations the .7 cc at 8gpm should turn the 28" blade the same speed that a new snapper 28" lawn mower blade turns. I did this because I really want to blow the grass up and away from the pond. I started out wanting to use a larger motor but the figures said .7 cc. I’ll just have to wait till I get the mower finished to see if it does what I expect it to do.
Does any one know what size motor is on Power tracs 48 or 60" finish mower?
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This is what I found at Surplus Hydraulics tech help

8 gpm at .77 cu in hyd motor=2400 rpm

Torque at 2500 psi .77cu in =306 in lbs

Is that enough torque? That's only inch lbs
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Do you mean you would want a mower that would cut, say, a 5' path, but the wheels would only be 4' apart, so that the cut overlaps the wheel tracks by six inches or so?
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Something like that but the ditch I need to keep trimmed is 2 or 3 feet wide so I would require a good bit more that a 6 inch overhang.
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Some one said power-trac.
Has a boom mower for $1700 which hain't bad considering that's in the same price range as a MMM.
Trouble is I don't have a power trac to use it on.
To bad it can't be rigged up on other tractors.
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The one Tim has pictured is PT's. It has a 20 inch cut. I did a little more on my 28" last night. Here's a pic.


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There is no reason that it can not fit on the 3PH with a little adaptation, if you have adequate hyd supply.