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Thanks, Dave. As for hours... Well I bought the plow in early April....and finished it a couple weeks ago. You do the math :D Seriously I do not know other than "a lot". I am not good with a cutting torch and am not an ace welder by any stretch so that all takes far longer than it should for someone skilled in the arts. I did disassembly right away and cut off a few things I knew had to go. Ordered a bunch of parts in (there were hours there just finding things and then decent prices). Did some test fits and figured out how I was going to attach and brace the SSQA plate. Picked up steel. And a sandblaster. Torched off the moldboard and brought it in to get a new one made. Oh yeah - had to buy a torch for that... Blasted the frame parts. Repaired some of the bent up frame parts. Cut steel, fitted it, cut it some more fitted it some more, ad infinitum until I got it right (those angle braces are tricky with compound angles...). Finally tacked stuff up and primed. Did final welding after checking fits. More priming and finally paint and assembly. All that over 4 months. Probably somewhere north of 50-60 hrs, possibly way north... totally guessing.

IMO - The reason you aren't seeing people do the designs you show, is most everyone is adapting/refurbing a truck plow. The common ones are similar to mine, it seems. I also think that by adding the rear shoes, I all but eliminate risk to the cylinders. Anything is possible, but I believe the front and rear shoes should conspire to keep the frame off the ground.
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Dont worry about the cylinders. They arent any more at risk than they are on a truck provided that you keep the plow A-frame level. Which is a must anyway because if it isnt level, when you go to angle the plow, the cutting edge wont be level with the ground. Kinda like a rear scraper blade if you dont have the frame level.
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One final pic. I bought a Kubota sticker off ebay and stuck it on the moldboard. Mostly for giggles, as I know it won't hold up to plowing for long. It was worth $20 to me just for fun.

I extended the hoses 2' more to make sure they will be long enough no matter what you do with the plow on the FEL, so it is now 100% complete. No pics of that, it's just more hose...

Plow Label (Large).JPG
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Nice work on your plow. If you spray a few layers of clear over your sticker then it will last alot longer!
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Thanks guys! Like I said before, I'm no pro and a close-up look would make that clear! :ashamed: But it will work fine and should last a lifetime as-is, barring some major mishap/collision...
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Thats what we call a 20/20 job right their:thumbsup:
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Looks good @ 20 MPH or 20 feet that is:laughing:
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My setup is very similar, I purchased it last year from a guy who built it to use it with his Bobcat skid steer. I paid $750 and it is basically an older truck plow, 8 feet wide, adapted for skid steer quick attach. I though it would be too big for the L3700SU, but to my amazement the tractor pushes it just fine, without loaded tires or chains on the R4s.
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Well Dave I'm impressed. Very nice job. Your hard work paid off sir. As for the rear skid shoes, well they are a must. I've proven it. I will be heading into my 4th season with that design and it works flawlessly. Decals. Won't last long. Some hard snow will take care of them but they do make for a good photo opp. One of the most beneficial features with my own set up I've found is the poly skin on the blade. Around here we can get wet snow that really sticks to steel blades but can't to the poly meterial. The poly don't need painting either :thumbsup:

Nice work my friend. Hope you enjoy using it.