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Feb 10, 2011
I am looking for a set of tire chains for the front of the L4240. It has 10-16.5 tires. I would like to get something that is going to have lateral grip and make steering easier. I don't want studded/ v-bar chains or duo grips. I would like to find have net style tire chain. The only place I have found a net style is tirechain.com and I don't like the looks of their design. It is too open and would ride rough. A set of chains like this would not be bad either if they did not have studs. If anybody knows of a chain that works good on a steering axle post a link to them.
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Rather than chains for the axle you'd be best off getting a set for the wheels.
The ones you link to are really for deep threaded tires.(which fronts rarely are)
From my limited experience I think that regular (non studded) duals would be your best bet.
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I have the agualines in your picture on the rear of my Branson 3820 and they are great. Awesome traction and they do not give a bouncy ride. Best thing I ever did with respect to snow plowing. Down side is the price. Mine were about 1200 dollars, and came longer than needed and had to be fit to my tires. First install took half a day. They make icy conditions much safer.
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I have a set just like you linked to and they do great. About the only thing I can think of that meets your requirements are double ring chains. Once you get past ladder or duos, pretty much everything is studded.
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I put plain Jane 2 link ladders on my front ags. Smaller tires than yours (7x16) but for what it's worth, I do not find these chains "bumpy" as are my 4 link ladders in back. They give lateral traction support for steering and grip like anything for forward and reverse traction.
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I'm running these on the front. They provide great lateral performance but I can't say anything about the ride. I've never run on pavement except pulling out of our shop with a concrete floor. But everything with chains seems rough to me, in a normal way.
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I've actually built my own chains when I couldn't find what I want. Sometimes just add a row in between the others or what ever you like. Most farm stores have the cross links or what ever you require. Custom chains are do-able.