Tracking App for your Phone



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Aug 22, 2012
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My take on all of this - we have allowed technology to take over our lives. How in this world did we ever survive prior to all this technology. I see this as one reason for so much cybercrime and security breaches.

The word today - Don't leave home unless you are strapped and have your cell phone. Insecurity sells .......


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Oct 30, 2009
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I have no problems with my wife or kids being able to see where I am (or at least where my phone is) when they want. I also like the idea of being able to call or text wherever I am - just in case.

The tech companies - I’d prefer they mind their own business. But, that’s not going to happen. I know they track and monitor what I do on the phone.

If it’s just to send me ads or try to sell - ok - not a big deal. I can ignore ads. I don’t have to buy anything.

If there are other reasons I am not aware, then I guess ignorance is bliss. But, as has been mentioned, I don’t store any important stuff (like passwords) on the phone. Too easily hacked in my opinion.



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Dec 28, 2020
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I once used the Find My app to locate one of my snowmobiling friends that was stuck in the woods really late at night in the UP of MI.

He missed a turn, went over a snow bank and got stuck. We didn’t notice till the next stop sign so we waited and waited but nothing. We would have found him without the app since he wasn’t far off the trail but as soon as I pulled up my phone I could see he was still at the previous intersection about 2 miles away.

Now if someone actually made a wrong turn and was going the wrong direction, this app would have definitely helped us a ton in locating them. (The Polaris ride command app does this kind of tracking as well, and also shows the trail system maps at the same time)


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Oct 3, 2015
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My wife is riding her bicycle over 500 miles by herself as a fund raiser for missions for our church. We set up Life360 for us and two friends to follow her progress. She is staying with host families and will probably call or text me during the ride. But it is nice to know how she is progressing. She also rides a lot around home by herself and if something happens I know where to start looking for her. This program or others mentioned may not be for everyone, but some of us feel it is worth while. Just our take. Jon


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Mar 27, 2007
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Yes, there are lots of reasons to share your location with family and friends, but nobody has to do it. You don't want to be tracked, fine. I am not interested in "localization advertising", so my phone doesn't track me. Sure almost nobody had tracking years ago, but people used to go out and not come back, too. I am not saying whether it is good or bad to have more of us survive, but I personally would like to increase the odds that I am found in good shape. Reading other's experiences here on TBN, a number of us head out into the wild blue yonder for work or play, or both.

Locally, there is no cell service, optimistic maps from providers not withstanding.

We horseback ride, sometimes alone, over trails that can have no one over them for a week or more. We can do 35-40 miles in a day. If we have time, we will pick up a county radio before heading out, but we don't always do it because the sign out procedure is cumbersome. Then of course, the radio stays on the horse because of the weight. If the horse goes off trail before an accident, we could easily be in deep brush, and the radio might not be with the rider.

Because it is such a challenging terrain, search and rescue regularly trains where we ride. There was a local ride a few years ago where a horse ran off at lunch. An initial search on the day it ran off came up with nothing. As it ran off with all of its gear on, there was more than a little concern that it might get tangled in the reins and saddle and get itself in trouble. The next day, we rode out to see what we could find. We managed to find some tracks and track the lost horse (after fifty other horses had come through, twice). By the time we were tracking it, the horse had wandered into the neighboring quarter million acre ranch (due to a downed barb wire fence), where we found it tucked under some low branches of an oak tree napping, where it was almost invisible. (one of our horse flinched seeing it- it took us a little bit to see what the horse had seen. A dark brown horse, wearing a black saddle, in deep shade, against a dark brown and green background) We felt extremely lucky to have found it, and lucky neither the horse nor rider were injured. The search area around here gets big rather quickly because it is so rural.

So for us, it seemed prudent to turn on satellite tracking when we ride solo. Personally, we would rather be found sooner rather than later if there is an issue, like the guy snowmobiling with @blee03. Being in a snowdrift in the middle of nowhere gets time sensitive rather quickly. Being off trail with a snakebite gets time sensitive quickly...yesterday, I just about stuck my hand on a six foot rattlesnake reaching for a ground squirrel trap, and leapt back when I saw the snake heading down the ground squirrel tunnel. I have never been bit, and I want to keep it that way. Rattlesnakes are out on the trails around here, too.

It seems to me whether you share your location or not has personal reasons, for many of us probably well thought out and nuanced reasons for why. Does it matter if someone else does or doesn't?

The OP wanted advice on tracking apps, not whether tracking was good or bad.

And, yes, I like the Apple system, even though I almost never use it because the cell coverage seems spotty where I need it. I have used the Android version and it was just clunkier, though it still worked fine.

All the best,



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Oct 19, 2014
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We use the Life360 app to keep up with each other and the grandkiddos.

I used the app to keep tabs on the grandkids when we took them to a theme park.

I could zoom in on the map to see which ride they were on, and then my wife and I would wander over to the rides exit and wait for them.

It will also show which part of the building my wife is in at her work OK, I might have creeped on her once or twice just for giggles and to mess with her

It is handy when trying to find her while she's wondering the stores while I'm getting my hair cut, and her phone is silenced. At least I can camp by the stores exit and wait for her