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Jul 5, 2005
Harpers Ferry WV - Mountains of Shannondale
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My neighbors next door decided they no longer wanted the White Pampas decorative Grass by their swimming pool. So they pulled it out by the root with their Ford F-150.. Some of the root balls attached were easily 250 pounds.

Gave me a chance to finally try out the shovel attachment I've had sitting in my shed for over a year. It was no mini hoe but it worked fairly well for digging down around 8 inches in the hard shale soil and busting up small tree roots..

I really came in handy for getting under the huge root balls and moving them around the property. I plan to modify it further so it will attach more permanently to bucket for use without the chain.

A few pic's of hauling them down the street and over to our yard before I replanted them around the perimeter of our property. They are still in the dormant stage now but I cut them down and I'm betting they will come back strong.


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Very nice

I made one for my 1850. Broke it a few years later...


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Very nice

I made one for my 1850. Broke it a few years later...

Now that's one serious tree spade nice work.. Mine works fairly well but I think if I sharpen the edges like yours, it should work even better.