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TYM bought Kukje (or rather their parent company) a few years ago. The announcement mentioned something about the Kukje engines. So maybe this is the result.

Does TYM make engines? In the US they have been using Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Deutz and Doosan engines.
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Just for the heck of it I went to the KYM tractors.
Quite the strange line up, a multitude of engine and transmissions and pto offerings with similar horsepower ratings with different engines.
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Well that answers that question I had for the Acquisition....get the Cummins License Branson has and put the engines in TYM tractors. On different engines in different tractors, some engine mfgrs built for a niche market. If an OEM is building tractors to cover a broad market and wanted to maximize everything then it's easy to see that you would have a rainbow of engines for the rainbow of tractors that Branson for one, manufacture.
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Interestingly enough, the newer cab version of the Branson 15 series, use TYM's dashboard and controls around it.

I wonder if RK, since they are just rebranded TYM tractors, will also do the swap for the Kukje engines.
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For now, I know they don't use Kukje engines. But they will eventually have to sell newer or upgraded tractors and will most likely come with Kukje engines.

I see no point on TYM making tractors with Yanmar engines just for RK since TYM just started the swap over to Kukje engines.
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Tell that to RK, THEY say they are going to keep on using Yanmar...

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He who has the deeper pockets will probably control that decision.