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May 27, 2012
Agua Dulce, CA
Yanmar F18D
I just got a new (for me) Yanmar F18D that seems to run perfectly except it's got a warning light that stays lit. I can't read Japanese and haven't received my operating manual yet from Hoye, so I'm hoping someone here might know what the symbol stands for (attached). Any help would be appreciated...


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coolant level. it is in the overflow tank.
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Ah, so even though the radiator is full, the light could be on because of the overflow tank? I'll have to see what's up with that. Thanks!
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Welcome, i also own a F18D, after buying mine, i found the lead that controls this light was disconnected, connected it up, and the light came on, filled the overflow and the light went out.

Have owned ours over a year now, and like it a lot.
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It was just needing some water in the overflow bottle. I had previously checked the radiator directly (filled and in good condition) but hadn't checked the overflow bottle. Light is out, I'm happy. Thanks!

@scottlw, have you had any other issues? So far I've put several hours on mine with no problems. Sure wish I knew someone who read Japanese so they could tell me what a couple of buttons and knobs are for... I can't seem to find a US sticker kit.
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Mine has been very well behaved, it doesn't do much just used at a small stable yard for moving/emptying a tipping trailer and then using the loader to tidy/stack the muck heap.

Last week the trailer didn't seem to drop at the normal speed, then this week the quick disconnect for the trailer seemed to still have pressure in it with the tractor off, first time either of these have happened, so will have to explore these at some point.

As is the usual with this size tractor, you will find it runs out of traction, long before it runs out of power.

What buttons/knobs are you trying to works out?
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@scottlw, thanks for the offer! I guess there are just a few now that I haven't figured out... 1) the little button to the left of the steering column that, when pushed, causes a red light on the dash to light (looks like a picture of a battery); 2) the knob under the seat that says "easy" and "hard"; 3) the two knobs next to the lever to control the left/right pitch of the 3-point hitch (I assume they are for implements I don't have?); and 4) the lever marked 1-10 immediately to the right of the seat (next to the lever that raises/lowers the 3-pt hitch). I think that's draft control or something for a tiller (that I don't have)? Oh yeah, and 5) the pull knob below the left side of the dash. What the heck does that do?

I know, too many questions, but the basics all work (FEL, box scraper, transmission, etc.)! I'm hoping the manual from Hoye will help out...
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OK, i can help with some of these.

1) i think this is a warning light test button, without the ignition on, press and all warning lamps should light (a couple of mine don't).

2) I think this is the speed control/shut off for the 3pt, I'm sure winston or somebody will explain this better.

3) Not sure where this is, don't even know if mine has it? Can you post a pic.

4) I assumed this is draft control, don't think mine even moves?

5) That is the compression release knob, it should pull towards you, (mine was seized) it should be used when starting for cold (maybe all the time? but i use from cold) it puts less stress on the battery and starter, and lets the oil pressure build before allowing compression. So pull it out, turn the starter, let it spin for a few seconds, then release the knob.

Hope that helps.

Question from me now, does you ignition have the TS marked for turning the key left? When you turn it left, do you get the TS light on the dash? i don't, but not sure if it is the lamp, or the thermo start isn't working.

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Might take a look at this thread from Mickey Fx. He has those tiller controls hooked up as meant to be. Might try giving him a PM if he doesn't chime in here. http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/yanmar/105695-auto-tiller-controls.html

scottlw, you might try turning your key to the left with the engine cold for 15 seconds or so, then feel your thermostart element. It will be warm if working. My old 2002d thermostart light quit working but the thermostart still does.

I like to pull my compression release until my oil light goes out which is only 2 or 3 seconds, then when she makes the big bang you have oil pressure on your bearings.