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A lot of landscapers run 40 or even 50 weight in their air-cooled Kawasaki engines. I personally run 5w30, but my 36" walk behind only sees about 5 hours of use per week, and I barely notice oil consumption over the course of the season.
My Kawasaki manual states that increased oil consumption will occur with a 30 weight oil, but the highest viscosity they recommend is 40.
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My small engines (riding mower, push mower, generator) all get B&S Dino 30w and none use any oil between annual changes. The riding mower is a 2014 model with a 17.5 hp B&S used year round (warm climate) and when I’ve pulled the valve cover to do valve adjustments the inside is clean as a whistle.
My tractor (LS MT225E) got Rotella T6 5w-40 full syn at 50 hrs and has been loving it. No oil consumption and it runs quieter with the T6 than it did with the factory fill.
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My new trctor came with 10w-30 and the OM recommended it for my climate. (USDA zone 5)

I just buy motor oil and hydro from the NH dealer.

I also don't do annual oil changes with <30 hrs/yr on each tractor.
Those recommendations for annual changes carry a couple assumptions: 1) dino oil 2) short trips or short running periods that don't properly warm up the engine. These go out the window with synthetics. Can go multiple years. Am on multiple years on the generator and on the Tacoma. These always get warmed up well when used and have synthetic.
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My oil of choice is chevron.

Just did the 50 HR service on the ls 3140. Delo 400 synblend 10-40 cj-4/ ck rated.

I used genuine Is filters, which I believe are made by donaldson. Topped off the hyd./trans fluid with chevron thf 1000 after changing trans and hyd. Filters. That will be the oil for the 500 hour replacement interval for the hyd./trans fluid also.
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I'm running Kawasaki engines on my z turns I've always run Kawasaki oil but in the pass seams like I start getting oil consumption after 600 hours had couple going Thur half quart day I've already got 200 hours on one 350 on one thinking about switching to full synthetic mint of waiting to later or mint not need to anyway
Thought on the matter I've had people tell me 2000 hours and no problems

Carlos, if you're Ok with ordering online why not try Amsoil Small Engine Oils? American company making Synthetic Oils since 1972. I'd use the 10w30 or even the 10w40 if used in really hot conditions. If you are seeing some oil use in your equipment right now that could indicate that the lighter ingredients, of your current brand of oil, are evaporating and could be causing sludge in the engine. Not all oils are created equal, some barely make the minimum standards and fail after a few short hours. Click on the link below and read up on this oil. It's not a car oil but made specifically for hard working small engines. I think that there is free shipping if the order is over $100? I'm in Canada so it's a little difficult to get Amsoil here, but it's worth it to me. Dutchy
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You gotta think Shell and Cheveron can make oil as good as Amsoil. I think Mystic is a major maker and cant see them saving a lot where they bottle under other labels to try to cheapen it all. Some of these fussy butt car enfines need regular change but lots of them can go real long time. Got a few engines change a time or 2 in the 30 years I had them. Got a couple welders changed twice, maybe 3 times a couple trucks too. The modern oil even the dino is so much better than when it was made in 1974 or earlier.
We serviced them regular when they were new and running the snot out of them and now they are part timers never even consider it and just dont run them out.
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Tractor, pushmower, roto tiller, pressure washer get T6 5w40, zero turn (kawi) gets M1 15W50.
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Keep in mind T-6 diesel rated 5W40 oil is notapproved approved for gasoline engines with catalytic converters and may shorten their service life. That's why rotella now sells T6 gasoline oil that is G rated for autos with cats.
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I saw T5 semi syntatic diesel is 10W 30 that same as the kubota oil i used in my b2650 and will use in my L4060 .