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I'm oil shopping. I find the Amsoil table comparing their heavy duty diesel engine oils in the brochure attached interesting. (Page 2, Typical Technical Properties) They give the results for all the major tests. My primary concerns are cold cranking (starting a cold engine, not necessarily in winter) and wear. So I focused on the CCS Viscosity and the Four Ball Wear Test:

Oil... Cold Start* Wear Test*

5W-30... -30 .45

10W-30... -25 .46

0W-40... -35 .47

5W-40... -30 .46

15W-40... -20 .45

*Lower number is better

Not that I understand much about oil, but I credit Amsoil for presenting data and in a way I can halfway understand it. To me, the information I extracted above show a clear tradeoff between cold cranking and wear protection. Granted, these differences are minuscule, but my concerns appear to boil down to deciding which of these is slightly more important.

The “best” cold cranking goes to 0W-40. But it ranks worst in the Amsoil lineup for operating wear. The least wear is earned by 5W-30 and 15W-40. Overall, I like 5W-30 for its balance and because Kubota seems to like 30 weight oil, and I’m currently using a Kubota. But if 95% of wear occurs at startup, as we hear a lot, then should I pick based on that measure first and foremost?

An Amsoil dealer explains most of these tests and other ones in this YouTube video, “Amsoil vs Everything Else”; for example, he explains that the cold cranking test is an indicator for start-up too, not just for cold winter temperatures:



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Here's a snap shot of the cranking speeds (based on their cranking oil viscosities) by oil type that I calculated. I did not do a 5w30. It would be close to a 0w30, which is the best.

A 0w40 M1 was very close to the 0w30, probably the same as 5w30. I did some other comparisons that tended to show this but didn't redo this table to add the 0w40.

Worst is 15w40. Main way it protects is its higher viscosity probably leaves some protection in place to make up for the LOOOONG time the oil pump needs to get oil to the pressurized parts. The R&B #s that you show say this is not quite so.


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Ralph, yes, the 15w-40 in the Amsoil data shows good wear protection, probably lingering as you say. But look at the much more modest cold cranking. That is where start-up wear occurs. This wear apparently cannot be measured like the four-ball wear test, but it is presumed. And 15w-40 has the worst start-up protection in their lineup.
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I used Amsoil in the early eightys in a Plymouth 318 with around 30,000 miles, when I switched back to conventional oil the engine started using oil. I run full synthetic oil in my vehicles now but, I would not reccomend Amsoil to any of my friends!
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Why can't you recommend Amsoil, Massey? What do you use?
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Ok so i just did my oil change i use the kubota 10w30 semi syn .Also did all filter change i nothis after i was done in the hydraulic filter there a magnit in it but did not nothis if the new one had a magnit in it do they come whit one or i have to use the old one . dont wont to take that filter back out to check if the magnet there . let me no please thanks
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Yes they do come whit the new filter got hold of the dealer he sent me a picture and told me that it has a new magnets . Thanks god i did not what to take that filter back off.. I used the vacum to hold the oil back so i din not lose much oil it work pretty good.
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The old magnets work well holding spare Lynch pins on the PTO shield.
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Why can't you recommend Amsoil, Massey? What do you use?
I have 3 GM vehicles, a 10 Camaro, a 12 Impala, and a 16 3/4 ton truck, I use the "dexos" labled oil required by GM in them, I have no brand loyality when buying it. I used Shell Rotella when I changed the oil in the Massey when I changed the oil in that at 50 hours. I use 30 weight in my Allis's and the small gas engines around the place.