Why doesn't my quick attach line up?

   / Why doesn't my quick attach line up?
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Lots of great ideas guys. I'm going to search for the other threads and see if welding/drilling is better than buying that adapter. :drink:
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My expensive Land Pride Quick Hitch is leaning up against the wall of my barn. Even LP Quick Hitch compatible implements had issues.
found out that "floating top link" or adapter is a must, but finally just went back to using oem Kubota extendaforks.
Paying more for a Quick Hitch apparently buys one absolutely nothing as far as increased compatibility or engineering.

and of course no PHD works with a quick hitch either. Seems to be a good idea if your most used equipment is compatible.
I wound up buying a second tractor...

Looks like this is fixable, if one is handy and has a welder.

would Pat's Quick Hitch style avoid these problems?
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I just shaved off about a 1/4 to3/8 of an inch off the inside of my harbor freight quick hitch's hook.
It was easy just took a steel blade in my sawzall and ran right down the hook. Then took a new grinding wheel and smooth it out at the bottom.
Adding a extension to the back and Drilling new holes sounds like The best option though.
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I remember having to modify at least one of my implements to get the width of the top to clear the hook bracket. I think it was my old flail mower. It has a huge upper link bracket. I also replaced the bolts for the hook with rivets since the bolt heads and nuts prevented the top of the implement from going back far enough. As already mentioned, not all implements are made with a wide enough top or the pin is too deep in the bracket to catch the hook. Rather than modifying or changing the location of the hook for every implement, I would modify all the implements to be QH compatible. Any new implements should come compatible.
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I was going to buy an elcheapo ($90) as I recall rigid frame type from a popular supplier until I realized that my implements are generic and no two have the same dimensions. So I bought Pat's quick hitch instead, with the spreader bar that has a variable width set screw. I realize this doesn't solve the current problem, but it does address the problem of quick hitch selection and varying dimensions.
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I modified a couple of my implements to fit on my QH, even my PHD. Of course the PHD mod requires a hydraulic toplink but it works better & has some downpressure for the top part of the hole. http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=327212 as you can see others have done it before I did as well.

Sold the L3200, PHD & some other impliments the other week. Have another PHD frame I got off Craigslist for $20 sitting there waiting to get chopped up & rebuilt for the new L4060 coming this week. It will have a QH & TnT as well. Any new impliments will get modified to fit if needed again as well. It's just so easy to hitch up with a QH & TnT there is no way I'd be without.
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It is a little bit of a pain getting everything to line up but oh so worth it. Quick hitch with a hydraulic top link is the way to go I think. I can change implements four times in five minutes and don't have to pound bang pry push pull lift drag Cuss kick or strain in anyway. Just flip down to levers and away you go.
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The OPs trailer puller isn't qh compatible. If it was, the top hook would be adjusted all the way down (15") not at the top (18"). Even extending the hook doesn't do it. You (he) can't move the hook down far enough to unhook it. The center post is there.
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The little mods and adjustments required for the QH can be annoying. However, I would never give mine up. It has made life so much easier.
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Yup. Cold dead hands.