Will UAW Strike?

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Nice rig, but you may as well be driving a diesel pusher!

Not where we camp at up north. Only access is via a seasonal road with a stream crossing and some pretty steep pulls. I need a 4WD to get in there and put again. I'd be leaving a diesel pusher there forever, as a summer home.
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Not where we camp at up north. Only access is via a seasonal road with a stream crossing and some pretty steep pulls. I need a 4WD to get in there and put again. I'd be leaving a diesel pusher there forever, as a summer home.
I know, it’s just a lot of rig……

Back in 72 I brought my first four-wheel-drive pick up truck and I toyed with the idea of buying a crew cab but then I drove it and what a log wagon it was to drive… and the truck i test drove was only a 2 wheel Dr.
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It's a 'lumber wagon' unloaded no doubt but with the camper in the back or the gooseneck on the hitch, loaded, it rides quite nicely.
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I’m sure as a dedicated camper, it is just as you describe, but I now drive a F150 short bed, regular cab, and that is my perfect vehicle!

My second vehicle in the 70’s and 80’s were CJ5 and CJ7s so you can tell I am not fond of 3-4 point turning maneuvers
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On the phone with one of my hunting buddies this morning and he just so happens to be the plant manager of a large steel processing concern in Butler, Indiana and he told me point blank that they are most certainly headed into a mass layoff situation if the strike isn't resolved quickly. He told me cancelation of orders has become commonplace as T2 and T3 automotive suppliers are belt tightening and they do a huge amount of business not only with the bog 3 but their suppliers as well.

Interesting article that was posted but then I knew Fords was finding Fain and company tedious right from the get go. Remember, I have an 'In' at Fords.

What will be interesting is when their strike fund is depleted and the rank and file won't get any financial assistance and the cannot get unemployment either (at least here in Michigan). I hear the fund might last until Christmas, maybe, depending on how many members Fain decides to pull off the job.
It wouldn't surprise me if somebody at the White House printed money that we don't have to give to the strikers.
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And meanwhile, non-u
Dude, you just keep making my point….

The unions destroyed International Harvester. They were some of the most technologically advanced designs of their day. Their large farm tractors were the first ever with on board computers. The Scouts were awesome SUV’s. The final versions set the bar for the full size SUV. The Travelalls were the precursor for the Suburban. :)

It’s like trying to reason with a 4 yr old over why you can’t eat candy all day, lilranch2001. :ROFLMAO:
Been there, done that. Some people will support unions until they destroy the company, then cry and wonder why there’s no more companies to work for.
‘Nuff said.
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The end of the UAW is near, as the 2 or 3 remaining hosts are about to be consumed, the same way IH went away.
Really sad to watch idiots repeat the same mistakes over & over and cry for 4 day work weeks and 100K + benefits for assembly line work.

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Looks like the UAW is gearing up to repeat the mistakes of about 40 years ago with another large corporation. The strike in that case lasted several years, and the company pulled in their salaries employees and started building equipment for their dealers. In the middle of this they discovered that they could product just as much equipment with 1/3 of the original work force. So the company basically told the union that they could meet all their demands but were only bringing back 1/3 of the employee and the union accepted the offer.
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"Greed and terrible management killed International Harvester.

By 1979, International Harvester was the 4th largest company in the United States, thanks to its massive product catalog that spanned from Scouts to tractors. Part of this growth was thanks to Archie McCardell, a notoriously anti-union boss, who took over as CEO in 1978.

One of the first things McCardell did was strip 11,000 middle managers from the workforce, most of whom were experienced labor negotiators. He then appointed a new President of Human Resources and set about negotiating a new UAW (United Auto Workers) contract in 1979. Unfortunately for International Harvester, McCardell and the newly appointed Human Resources lead has absolutely no experience negotiating contacts. Negotiations took a sharp turn after only one day. Union issues were not limited to IH and were also happening at John Deere and Caterpillar, where workers began to strike, forcing concessions."

What Happened To International Harvester?