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Feb 10, 2007
Willis, Texas
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Hey Y'all,
I need to build a temporary work platform for my FEL bucket to install barn siding on the back of my barn. I don't have but 20 feet to the fence behind the barn and cannot get my Mahindra 90 degrees off the barn's backside with the backhoe even turned to the side. You can check out the barn here if you want. http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/projects/106272-my-pole-barn-solo-affair.html
I will be placing the 4x4s in the bucket and adding 2x6s over that. I will support all this from the chain hooks and the receiver tube welded to the top of my bucket. The 4x4s will sit into the bottom of the bucket. I used the bucket on the front side of the barn and the 7 foot wide bucket was nice to work from. So my question....Can I build a platform that sticks out 7 feet that will hold me and the weight of the materials, only secured by the chain hooks that are about 2 feet above the bottom of the bucket and a support from the receiver tube?
hugs, Brandi
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Just my two cents. Could you move the fence behind the barn temporarily to give you the room you need? Also how difficult is it to remove the backhoe from Big Red?

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wedge40 said:
Just my two cents. Could you move the fence behind the barn temporarily to give you the room you need? Also how difficult is it to remove the backhoe from Big Red?

The fence isn't mine. I could remove the backhoe, but I don't like leaving it out in the weather, as I need the barn space it and the tractor takes up to work The backhoe needs hard level ground to R&R. Removing the backhoe is very quick. But it takes a lot of prep getting all the blocks in place and also sometimes a bronc ride getting it off the subframe. I leave it on for counterweight.
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It would be easier and safer to rent some scaffolding and do the job using that.
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I will echo ToadHill and recommend using rented scaffolding. It is not too expensive and much safer. If you need something for Big Red to do then lay down two 2x12's as tracks and shove the stack along on top of them as you need to move it. One person can erect a two high stack without any problem. If you need to go 3 high near the peak you could use a helper to save all the climbing up and down.

Your ground looks level enough that you should not have any special problems in erecting and leveling a scaffold stack.

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Brandi, I'm going to throw out another thought. Could you maneuver that fifth wheel trailer to the back side of the barn(lenghtways), then remove spare tire from the gooseneck and attach thick plywood to the gooseneck "V" and work from that height. Maybe it is too low yet, you can be the judge of that. The fifth wheel trailer would be moveable the lenght of the rear of the building as you needed. Just a thought, may not even be possible.
If you do build something for your receiver hitch on your bucket that extends outward, think of trianglar supports from bucket floor outward/upward out to the platform's edge. Just think of how steel framed bridges/trusses are supported. Lots of triangles.​
One more item; If you do build anything for your loader bucket, make sure you "test" it first with the loader only 4"-6" off of the ground and not 12 feet in the air. Walk to each corner, bounce around ,etc. You might even consider some sort of pipe hand rail feature above the platform, too.
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I'd be having a chat with the neighbour who owns the fence. Maybe offer to help fix up any other parts of his fence that need work in exchange for permission to temporarily remove that section.
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I won't be moving a fence or erecting scaffolding. Moving the fence would take too long and too much extra labor. It is a woven wire fence intertwined with youpon and briars. She has goats over there and moving the fence would entail building another temp fence.

As the first attached photo shows, the ground is too uneven for scaffolding. Not to mention all the time calling to reserve it, pick it up, unload it, erect it, take it down, reload it, haul it back. Too much wasted time and the ground is too soft anyway.

The gooseneck is a lowboy. It would be major pain to move it back there anyway. As you can see in the photo, it is way wet back there.

The second photo shows the basic frame and the receiver tube with a check chain sticking out. It will have two chains supporting in and the back end wedged into the bucket with additional bracing. Oh yeah, it will have railing.

The third photo show the back of the barn from the other direction. Notice the tilt of my Mahindra and the fence row to the right.

I built the whole barn by myself, except for half the roof tin. I had some family and friends finish the other roof half when I had elbow surgery.
So thanks for all the suggestions.
hugs, Brandi


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I took your picture and crudely added to it. Take a look.
Add 2x6's to make a larger platform. That way you can work from either side.
Run chain or a strap from the receiver hitch on the top of your bucket out to the end of the platform to hold it up. Can't see it but I'm sure you are blocking the end inside the bucket to hold it down.
For sure, no matter what you end up with, take Catman's advise and test it thoroughly.


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