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Nov 25, 2016
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My new Woodmaxx WM-8H has only two feed speeds. As I move the lever from '1' to '10' on the dial the speed is zero until '3' where it jumps to 17 rpm (28 fpm) then right after that it jumps to 45 rpm (75 fpm) for the rest of the lever travel. I measured with a contact tachometer. It took a number of calls and emails to get a hold of their support and they said that's how it's supposed to work. Does yours work like that? Their advertising says that it's variable from 10-75 fpm. I think that the feed speed control valve is defective so I was surprised to hear that's how its' supposed to work.
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Well I see nobody has offered help on your situation. I'm with you about the way I read the brochure that its a variable speed valve, not a 2 speed as you're experiencing.

Nobody may have the same model as yours but you'd think the hydraulic speed control would be about the same on other models. I can't help but I was curious about what you may find out.
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379 people have looked at this and none of you have a recent WM-8H with the lever type feed speed control valve? (see link below) Or even any experience with hydraulic motor control valves? At this point I think the valve is defective but what I don't know is if it's also too large. It's this 16 gpm unit: Lkf-6 Hydraulic Flow Control Valve,Adjust -6l/min Flow,High Flow Control Valve With Hydraulic For Motor Or Tractor - Buy Control Valve,Flow Control Valve,Lkf Hydraulic Flow Control Valve For Tractor And Motor Product on Alibaba.com
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I have one but really have not messed with the speed (I am running about 42 pto hp so middle of the road has been fine and I have not bothered with it.)
I am not around the tractor to check it (sorry) but am interested in what you find out because I thought it was variable speed.
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anybody find anything on this problem? i'm interested in the same chipper
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Yeah, same here, about 40-something PTO HP, set the lever in the middle and haven't touched it. Next time I'm chipping I'll see what happens when I move it around. I guess I was just moving the throttle up and down to change speeds.
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I exchanged emails with the company president. He also said that's how it's supposed to work. He offered to take the unit back, which was nice of him, but since it's not that big a deal and I'm otherwise happy with it I declined.

There's another valve that should be plug and play and has a lower max flow, so it should have a wider effective range. I did some reading on flow valves and they all don't flow at the lower settings, and max out before they're at the maximum setting. But there should be a wider effective range than this one has.

I haven't bought he new valve yet, I'll probably do it eventually. It's difficult to see the roller speed. I look through the slot the housing and view the teeth on the roller but even with that it's difficult to discern small changes in speed. I can tell the difference between 75 fpm and 28 fpm but it'd be tough to tell between 75 and 50 without a tach.

I set the throttle so the units' turning at the recommended 1120 rpm. I want slower feeds when I'm chipping larger stuff, and for that I want full chipping capacity.
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I have had my WM8H for 5 months. I haven't noticed a problem like you are having. I just leave my setting at 10 ( which is most of the time ) unless i am chipping real small limbs.. I run my pto to match the suggested 1120 rpm on the tach that is on the chipper. But next time i use it i will lower the speed and see what happens.