Autumn Tractor & Farm Photos

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Wild Cat


Xfaxman’s Bobcat likes to do some posing in front of the changing leaves in the great Midwest.

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Wild Cat


  • Very nice pictures! So glad you got a lot of colorful scenery and a lot of different tractors in the photos! We love our Simplicity Legacys and our Massey Ferguson!

  • Thanks for the vistas and beautiful colleague of fall colors plus the many fine tractors that work the harvest.
    I take many tractor rides across my land just to enjoy the relaxing freedom and beauty of the changing seasons.
    A nice lunch, hot coffee my trusty rifle and good ol pal dog Benny makes it all complete, pick a vista, stop, sit back, enjoy.

  • Any way to upload our favorite fall scene photos in response ?

  • Where do you get the vacuum for the Kubota BX25D has an impressive vacuum set-up

  • Nice picture. I live in the Palouse. Never heard of Hwy 71 nor can I find it on a map. Does look like it is on the Wawawai-Pullman hwy though.

  • This is a fantastic photo. It reminds me of our recent trip to Montana early October. Love it!

  • Pictures are useless without an idea of what state or area they come from. Just thro em in the trash. Readers want to know more.

  • this is what i would love to travel to the USA to see,not the city’s

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