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Useful Forklift Tricks


Another view of Xfaxman’s Bobcat forklift.

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Useful Forklift Tricks


  • Nice tractor! What is the model number, please?

  • If we tried burning a slash pile that way, the entire forest would burn. So far, we’ve already had three forest fires -all caused by lightning. Of course, I live in a desert, so forests are very precious since they hold what little water we get. I live in New Mexico, so it’s nice to see green instead of tan sand.

  • I’m looking at an old (’81-’89) J.D. 650 with a FEL (after market) and a small hoe.It has brand new tires, starts and runs well, looks like a 2 cyl. diesel, but I don’t know anything about this line of tractors. Guy wants $9,000.00 and I feel it’s worth it if all is good with the machine. Can anyone be of help in telling me what to look for, etc? Thanks!

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