CLAAS Invests in Shredlage® Technology

shredlageCLAAS, the internationally leading manufacturer of self-propelled forage harvesters, has entered into an agreement with the US company Shredlage, L.L.C. regarding its Shredlage technology. Shredlage, L.L.C. is the developer of a special conditioning process for corn silage in the CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvester.

CLAAS will soon offer Shredlage technology as a factory-installed or after-market option for the JAGUAR line as a complement to the CLAAS Multi-Crop Cracker. Co-founders of Shredlage, L.L.C., Manager Ross Dale and Technical Director Roger Olson, both dairy nutritionists, will continue to support CLAAS in the launch, roll-out and on-going support of this exciting product enhancement.

Shredlage technology is a specific conditioning process that produces high-quality corn silage. Thanks to the unique design of the LorenCut® roller in the JAGUAR cracker, the corn stalk is ripped lengthwise into planks and strings effectively enhancing the fiber content, improving packing and exposing the inner cells of the plant for increased microbial activity. In this process, the corn plant is chopped significantly longer than before, but the corn kernel is still split several times. University studies and actual on-farm performance results validate the economic benefits of the Shredlage technology for producers and the entire dairy industry.

“We at Shredlage, L.L.C. are grateful for the success of Shredlage technology and the significant impact it continues to have in the livestock industry,” explained Mr. Dale. “With the increased demand for Shredlage in both domestic and global markets, we are pleased with the Shredlage/CLAAS alliance and the future relationships we will create throughout the CLAAS network of dealers and customers. We look forward to supporting CLAAS in the nutritional aspect of Shredlage to assure optimum benefits to cows and profitability for producers.”

“Shredlage technology allows us to expand our local commitment in North America while continuing to implement our strategy as a global leader”, explained Dr. Henry Puhl, Head of the Grain Harvesting Business Division in the CLAAS group management structure, regarding the successful conclusion of the negotiations.

The continued growing demand for this newly developed, long-cut, and shredded corn silage produced with uniquely designed Shredlage technology has created a great opportunity to better serve the livestock industry for both the domestic and global markets. With the CLAAS market position, dealer network and proven line of quality products and service, we are confident the strength of both companies will combine for an even stronger presence throughout North America, and all the global community.

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