JD Adds 8 Advanced Models to 100 Series

D110 – 19.5-hp engine

CARY, North Carolina (February 1, 2011) – John Deere announces the new 100 Series Tractors with better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and sound levels, and enhanced operator comfort and visibility.

“The 100 Series tractors have always been great machines, but now owners will have greater fuel economy, feel more comfortable when operating the machine, and enjoy increased visibility from the seat,” said Greg Weekes, John Deere group product marketing manager.

The new 100 Series includes eight models. All have engines exclusively designed for John Deere that operate with greater fuel economy and reduced sound levels, a new fuel tank to reduce emissions, and a redesigned hood and operator’s area to improve visibility and operating comfort.

All models also come with The Edge™ Cutting System. This 3-in-1 mowing deck lets the operator choose between mulching, bagging and side-discharging, and a more precise mowing height can be controlled within a ¼-inch using the height of cut adjustment.

Attachments are easily installed on all 100 Series Tractors with the exclusive CargO Mount™ System, which enables owners to easily add or remove the appropriate attachment for mowing, plowing, aerating and hauling.

“These machines have the reputation of being the easiest to own, operate and maintain in the industry,” said Weekes, “and the new D100 Series will continue to build upon that reputation.”

New 100 Series Tractors

  • D100 – 17.5-hp engine, 5-speed transmission and versatile CargO Mount™ System
  • D110 – 19.5-hp engine, automatic transmission, 2-pedal forward/reverse, increased travel speeds
  • D120 – Increased horsepower (21-hp), convenient cruise control, high back seat
  • D130 – V-twin engine with increased horsepower (22-hp), double bar bumper, high back seat, fender flares
  • D140 – Wider, 48-inch mower deck with 3 blades, electric mower blade engagement (PTO)
  • D150 – V-twin, ELS, 24-hp engine, deluxe steering wheel, front bumper
  • D160 – V-twin, ELS, 24-hp engine, Comfort Package features lumbar adjustable seat and deluxe steering wheel, double bar bumper
  • D170 – V-twin, ELS, 24-hp engine, Widest, 54-inch mower deck, Comfort Package features lumbar adjustable seat and deluxe steering wheel, double bar bumper

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