John Deere Simplifies Hay Bale Handling

Frontier Equipment’s AB18K Large Square Bale Spear can move three large square bales in a single trip.

OLATHE, KANSAS (August 21, 2014) – Hay making is never finished until the bales are moved off the field and to the barn or storage area. John Deere introduces three effective, affordable solutions for making it easier to handle large square bales. An allied agreement with PhiBer Manufacturing will make a Large Square Bale Accumulator available to John Deere dealers and Frontier Equipment is offering two new Large Square Bale loader attachments for use with the H480 Loader.

“Forage producers, whether for livestock feed or the cash market, have different preferences for bale handling,” says Pat Hosty of Frontier. “Instead of one-size-fits-all, we now offer a number of choices, all backed by your local John Deere dealer, that make it easy for producers to handle large square bales on their farms.”

The Large Square Bale Accumulator groups up to four bales in one area during baling operations to solve logistical challenges of collecting bales throughout the field. It is simple to hook up to the new John Deere Large Square Baler and unhook for transport. The operator can easily control bale placement from the cab.

The AB18K Large Square Bale Spear, new to the Frontier line, can move three large square bales in a single trip. Two spear sizes can handle and stack 3- or 4-foot bales. Welded components made of high-tensile, heavy-gauge steel provide years of dependable use under tough field conditions.

The AB17K Large Square Bale Squeeze from Frontier Equipment can load trailers efficiently by carrying two bales at a time.

The AB18K is compatible with the H480 Series Loader. The operator can follow a two-step process to attach the loader, line up the connecting point to the attachment frame and lock it in place. This simple hitching system provides a fast, secure attachment that saves time and money.

Producers can move two large square bales and maintain forage quality with the AB17K Large Square Bale Squeeze , also new to the Frontier line. The squeeze is an especially good fit for plastic-wrapped bales, because it doesn’t puncture the wrap, which can impact hay quality.

Because it opens to a width up to 110 inches, the bale squeeze can load trailers efficiently by carrying two bales at a time. It’s easy to line up the loader carrier to the frame and lock into position with the H480 Series Loader, and hydraulic functions make use of the loader’s hydraulic quick coupler.

“We believe the expanded line of hay handling equipment offers something for all farmers who utilize large square bales in their operations,” Hosty adds. “This equipment, along with all Frontier brand implements, parts and service are available at your local John Deere dealer.”

To learn more about these and other innovative bale-handling implements from John Deere and Frontier Equipment, please contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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