Lamborghini Redesigns RV, RS, and RF Ranges

RV, RS and RF range from Lamborghini

Zaragoza, 14th February 2012; Lamborghini has completely redesigned its range of orchard and vineyard tractors and has introduced a number of innovations – each one designed to enhance performance and efficiency of the tractors. Based on years of expertise in producing tractors for this specialised agricultural sector, the new RV, RS and RF range from Lamborghini reveals a brand new look and provides fruit farmers and wine growers with a selection of compact models capable of performing row-crop work with effortless precision. The new models are also a proof of Lamborghini’s expertise as one of the major manufacturers of special tractors in the world.

New Tier lll engines
The new models are powered by SDF Tier III engines. Their compact dimensions make them ideal for use in orchards, vineyards or municipalities. Offered as 3- and 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler versions, a key feature of the engine’s design is the high-pressure injection system which uses individual pumps for each cylinder. This state-of-the-art system produces an extremely high injection pressure. Combined with the electronic engine management, this ensures a perfect combustion and guarantees an economic use of the fuel and cleaner exhaust gases. The control unit automatically regulates fuel injection at all engine loads and speeds. The engines are also fully compatible with 100% pure biodiesel fuel (B100).

The range comprises five models:

RV/RS/RF 80 3-cylinder Turbo intercooler 82 hp/60 kW
RV/RS 90.3 3-cylinder Turbo intercooler 90 hp/66 kW (RS/RV models only)
RV/RS/RF 90 4-cylinder Turbo intercooler 85 hp/63 kW
RV/RS/RF 100 4-cylinder Turbo intercooler 96 hp/71 kW
RV/RS/RF 110 4-cylinder Turbo intercooler 106 hp/78 kW

Advanced transmission for the special tractor business

The new RV/RS/RF tractors bring a unique transmission concept to the specialist market – a transmission that has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency and versatility for row-crop work.

The new Lamborghini models are available with a three-stage Powershift gearbox (with three change-on-the-move ratios) and Overspeed, an electronic system that enables the tractor to reach 40 km/h at an economical engine speed – a speed which corresponds closely to that of maximum torque. All these factors combine to produce an optimal power curve, better fuel economy and superior driving comfort.

New look and cab
The range has also been completely restyled. The most noticeable feature perhaps, is the one-piece engine bonnet with its centrally mounted headlights – an attractive modern styling now used throughout the Lamborghini tractor range. When the bonnet is opened, simply by pressing a button, it allows easy and spacious access to the engine compartment for routine maintenance operations.

Positioning the air cleaner close to the intake grille ensures a steady and efficient flow of air to the engine and the bonnet’s rounded lines and tapered shape enables the tractor to manoeuvre easily between crop rows.

The RV/RS/RF restyling is completed by fitting a four-post cab that combines high visibility, sound-proofing and climate management, all of which are essential ingredients in a modern specialist tractor.

Dimensions and equipment
All models offer a comprehensive choice of engines, dimensions and equipment packages. Each model is available in three different track widths. The RV/RS/RF series offers a minimum track width at the rear axle from 880mm (RV) up to a minimum track width of 1.05m (RF).

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