STEYR Expands Profi Series

Steyr Profi Classic Front Loader14 different models based on a new design.

The STEYR Profi series has just been extended by the addition of new tractors with a power rating of 145 hp. In total, the choice now extends to 14 models based on this completely new design. The Profi Classic delivers excellent functionality with its mechanical control units and low roof. The new Profi models feature greater comfort and are equipped with a Multicontroller armrest and a high roof. As the name suggests, the innovative Profi CVT, has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and ISOBUS III. It offers genuine driving pleasure and an exceptional standard of comfort, especially when the attached implement lets the STEYR Profi know what needs to happen next.

Efficiency comes as standard.

All Profi models are equipped with the very latest ECOTECH engines and cover a nominal performance range of 116 to 145 hp. When the engine is in its main operating range of between 1500 and 1900 rpm, STEYR PowerPlus can deliver an additional 34 hp of additional power. The environmentally friendly Hi-eSCR exhaust after-treatment system optimises fuel economy and improves the performance and response characteristics of the engine. At the same time, it assures compliance with the EU Level IV emissions standards, resulting in sustained cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, the Hi-eSCR system does not require a particle filter.

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) is economical and convenient to use. Engine speed remains in its optimum range at any vehicle speed and the S-TRONIC controls the transmission ratio and engine speed to suit power requirements. The response characteristics of the transmission can be set for accelerator pedal and for Multicontroller in 3 stages. The hard-wearing transmission unit with double-clutch technology assures outstanding power transmission without any interruption in traction.

The easy-to-operate PTO management function reduces workload by automatically engaging and disengaging the PTO when the front and rear hydraulics are being raised and lowered. The soft-start controller enables the attachments to be started up gently and  the integration of front PTO shaft and front hitch at the fore of the tractor enables to keep the distance between front axle and  front hitch.

The benefits of greater comfort.

A comfortable and unusually quiet cab with adjustable suspension, STEYR Easy-Tronic, air-conditioning system, HiFi stereo system and Bluetooth hands-free unit come together to ensure that even very long working days spent in the STEYR Profi can pass pleasantly. There are three seat options, offering the choice of fabric or leather upholstery; the high-quality Maximo-Evolution driver’s seat with leather upholstery for driver and co-driver seats, seat heating and cooling ventilation, as well as active suspension with automatic adjustment, all adaptable to suit your precise needs.  To match this, the Active Luxury cab also features a leather-upholstered co-driver’s seat. The driver can enjoy perfect 360° all-round visibility thanks to a cab with only 4 pillars, large areas of glass, high-view window and single-section front windscreen, which provides a guaranteed perfect view of front-mounted implements and the front hitch. The rear view also provides a good line of sight on the implement hitch points. The electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors enable the driver to keep his eye on towed implements, even those that are very wide. Up to 16 LED worklights, each able to deliver 2,000 lumen of lighting, can almost literally turn night into day. The upgraded front axle and the higher wheelbase make on-road driving much more pleasant, whilst also delivering greater traction for field work. The turning circle measures 5.4 metres. Colour-coded hydraulic connections are positioned to left and right sides of the upper control arm on STEYR Profi models.

Simple and intuitive operation

The STEYR Profi and Profi CVT tractors fitted with S-TECH meet every requirement for precision agricultural technology. This means that these tractors can be operated and control attachments in a manner fully compatible with ISOBUS II (and ISOBUS III in the case of the Profi CVT). They also feature integrated automatic steering systems, which means that the exchange of operating and control data between tractor and implement is raised to a whole new level.

The Profi and Profi CVT models come with Easy-Tronic II with its very intuitive operating processes for saving data relating a defined route or period of time. Configuration of the Easy- Tronic II is intuitive and can be adjusted via the S-Tech 700 monitor. This function is easy to enable and disable at the touch of a button on the Multicontroller. The ICP (Intuitive Control Panel) can be used to operate functions such as the front hitch, rear hitch or other tractor functions. The buttons are logically arranged on a touch screen. The controller for precision adjustments to the hoist is located under the armrest. The Profi and Profi CVT models are also ready for S-Tech and S-Guide, whilst the S-Tech 700 touchscreen colour monitor is an all-in-one information source and an intuitive input device. This makes working procedures easy to monitor and to control. With the GPS RTK navigation system on board, and thanks to the STEYR RTK network, the automatic S-Guide steering system operates to the nearest 2.5 centimetres.


An overview of the new Profi.

  • New dynamic design
  • Spacious cab with Best in Class comfort
  • Three different seat versions with fabric or leather upholstery
  • Low noise emission level of 69 dB(A) to take the stress out of working.
  • Up to 16 LED work lights for perfect 360° illumination.
  • Headland Management Easy-Tronic II for the automation of work operations, dependent on time and distance covered.
  • Ergonomic operation using the Multicontroller armrest.
  • Cab and front axle suspension for more comfort.
  • PowerPlus for up to 45 hp more power.
  • Continuously variable transmission with ultimate mechanical efficiency rating
  • Up to 3 PTO speeds with Power mode or fuel saving Eco mode.
  • Eco mode rpm.
  • S-Tronic for automatic driving control.
  • S-Tech precision agricultural technology – always one row ahead.
    • S-TECH 700 monitor with touchscreen
    • ISOBUS III on the Profi CVT
    • S-Guide steering system


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