Zetor Developing New Utility Tractor

zetor-pinZETOR, a European manufacturer of tractors and farming components, announces that it is developing a new utility tractor model with power range of 45-80 horsepower.

The company recently introduced its design concept, ZETOR by Pininfarina, which is being applied to production with the first tractors to be introduced later this year.

The company celebrated its 70th anniversary last year and has produced and sold more than 1.3 million tractors in 136 countries around the world. At present, ZETOR tractors are exported to more than 50 countries in North & South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The company has been in the U.S./Canada market for nearly 40 years, where it has sold more than 25,000 tractors.

Recent Developments

Since 2010, ZETOR Tractors has had significant advancement from the development of new model ranges. The current portfolio includes three models; MAJOR, PROXIMA, and FORTERRA with power ranges from 45-165 horsepower. Models are equipped with 4-cylinder engines providing farmers/owners with power and reliability. Additionally there is a wide range of transmissions ranging from mechanical to electro-hydraulic  equipped with two- or three-stage power multiplier (PowerShift) and electro-hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle) which enables change of direction under load.

“It is our policy to listen to our customer and their requirements, which allows us to innovate our products in such a way so as to supply farmers with what they really need. ZETOR tractors offer ideal combination of technological advance, quality and practical use. Our customers can choose a tractor and equipment which is the most convenient for them,” says Michael Boucher, director of sales & operations, ZETOR North America.

We manage and administrate the dealer network in the USA and Canada, and are always looking for new partners interested in selling ZETOR tractors and components. We are expanding in such areas with focus on farming and breeding. Our headquarters based in Florida also deals with partners in Brazil, where we export ZETOR tractor components. Last year, we entered the Costa Rica and Uruguay markets. We are constantly looking for new partners,” says Boucher.

Additional Products

ZETOR System provides a selection of front loaders and drum mowers. Front loaders are offered in two modifications: ZL and ZX, differing in overall size and lifting power. Drum mowers are known for their exceptional high quality and durability with customers reporting up to 20 years of excellent service.

ZETOR supplies world markets not only with complete farm tractors but also with engines and related components.  The development of engines in-house ranks ZETOR among the most highly rated tractor manufacturers; few tractor manufacturers develop their own engines. ZETOR engines are offered in emission standards Stage IIIA, Stage IIIB, and Stage IV. The engines are unique in two respects: they do not need a common rail system to meet those standards, and their operation costs are very low, which has been proven by a number of prestigious benchmark tests.

Recent Expansion

ZETOR maintains a solid, stable position in North America and Europe. Since last year, the company has also been expanding into Asian and African markets. It was successful in setting up business representation in India; also entered Myanmar (former Burma), Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zambia as well as Iran, Israel, Jordan, and recently, Russia, which is considered by the company’s management to be an important milestone in its history.

For further information contact:

Michael D. Boucher
Director of Sales & Operations
Zetor North America, Inc.
5784 Mining Terrace
Jacksonville, FL 32257



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