Toro Develops New Blue StripeĀ® Drip Irrigation

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (Spring 2011) – With ToroĀ® Blue StripeĀ® Drip Irrigation systems, homeowners now have an easier way to make watering more efficient – all while saving time and money. Toro Blue Stripe Drip Irrigation systems are now available in kits specifically designed for containers, flower beds, vegetable and herb gardens, tomatoes and roses.

Drip irrigation is the process of delivering water in a slow, steady and precise manner to the soil. Emitters, or devices that deliver the water, are placed near the plant base so water can be delivered directly to the roots of plants. Experts say that drip irrigation is more than 90% efficient because of this delivery method. There is less evaporation because the water is delivered exactly where it’s needed. Micro-sprayers work in a similar way, using miniature sprayers to deliver water to individual plants or small garden areas. Both emitters and micro-sprayers keep the soil evenly moist, reducing stress on plants and promoting a healthy, beautiful landscape.

All Toro Hose End Drip Kits easily install directly onto an outdoor faucet or hose end. Each kit features drip components and tubing perfectly suited for the specific plant type or application, as well as easy to follow 3-step installation instructions with illustrations. Each kit’s unique features include:

* Toro Hose End Drip Kit for Containers – waters six average-sized containers, and adjustable emitters enable flexibility to suit various sized containers or increased water flow as plants grow.

*Ā  Toro Hose End Drip Kit for Flower Beds – waters flower beds of up to 30-square-feet, and adjustable emitters gently water to keep small plants and flower petals clean and vibrant.

*Ā  Toro Hose End Drip Kit for Vegetable and Herb Gardens – waters up to 24-square-feet of garden space, and tubing with pre-installed emitters make installation quick and easy.

* Toro Hose End Drip Kit for Tomatoes – waters up to three average-sized plants, and tubing with pre-installed emitters loops around the plant base and eliminates potential damage due to overspray.

*Toro Hose End Drip Kit for Roses – designed to water new or mature rose bushes and includes adjustable micro bubbler emitters for slow, deep watering and increased flow as roses grow.

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