John Deere Introduces Additional 2.9L Gen-Drive Engine Ratings

WATERLOO, Iowa (December 17, 2014) — John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has introduced five new PowerTech™ 2.9L generator-drive engines with power ratings from 31 to 55 kWm (41 to 74 hp). The new series offers customers a range of reliable, compact, emissions-compliant choices for prime-power or standby applications.

PowerTech™ EWX 2.9L generator-drive engine
PowerTech™ EWX 2.9L generator-drive engine

New PowerTech 2.9L generator-drive engines include models that meet Final Tier 4, Interim Tier 4, and Stage III A emissions regulations; non-emissions certified models are also available for non-regulated markets and stationary applications in the EU.

“With new PowerTech 2.9L generator-drive engine options, customers can choose exactly the right fit for their application,” said Karl Schmid, market planner for power generation at John Deere Power Systems. “These engines will deliver the performance, fuel efficiency, reliability, emissions compliance and ease of installation expected from John Deere.”

New PowerTech 2.9L generator-drive engine models, emissions levels and standby power ratings include:

  • PowerTech 3029HFG03 Final Tier 4: 36-55 kW (48-74 hp) at 1800 rpm
  • PowerTech 3029HFG89 Interim Tier 4 and Stage III A: 46 kW (62 hp) at 1800 rpm and 43 kw (58 hp) at 1500 rpm
  • PowerTech 3029TFG89 Interim Tier 4 and Stage III A: 35 kW (47 hp) at 1800 rpm and 31 kW (42 hp) at 1500 rpm*
  • PowerTech 3029DF129 non-certified: 35 kW (47 hp) at 1800 rpm and 31 kw (41 hp) at 1500 rpm*
  • PowerTech 3029TF129 non-certified: 48kW ( 64hp) at 1800 rpm and 42 kw (56 hp) at 1500 rpm*

* Generator set power unit (GSPU) available with these engines models.

The new 2.9L Interim Tier 4 and Stage III A engines as well as non-certified engines feature a mechanical fuel injection pump and offer a robust design for long hours of reliable service. Heavy-duty features include replaceable (wet) cylinder liners that provide excellent heat dissipation and are precision-machined for longevity. The new 2.9L series has moved from imperial to metric hardware.

The PowerTech 3029HFG03 Final Tier 4 engine features an electronic high-pressure common-rail fuel system that provides higher injection pressures up to 1,600 bar (23,000 psi). It also utilizes an exhaust filter — consisting of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter — that delivers premium block loading characteristics.

John Deere offers an extensive lineup of standby and prime gen-set engines that meet emissions regulations while delivering quick-starting, clean-running and fuel-efficient performance. The full lineup of John Deere generator-drive engines ranges in displacement from 2.9L to 13.5L and covers gen-set ratings from 31 to 563 kW (42 to 755 hp). These engines include non-emissions certified; EU Stage II and Stage III A; and EPA Tier 3, Interim Tier 4 and Final Tier 4 models.

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