10 Great Tractor Projects For Fall

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5. Clean Up Your Junk Pile


This is the project if you want to feel like you got something productive done, and make everybody in your family happy! Over time stuff tends to pile up, maybe in a junk pile or dotted around your property. Is this the year you call up a junk hauler and clean up your junk pile? Photo by GManBart.

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  • I wish our soil around here in the Ozarks looked like bindian’s. That would be easy and fun to work with. We need TNT to make holes in the limestone.

  • Pet peeve. Sacks of concrete. Not cement. Cement is the powdery stuff that you mix with aggregate (sand and gravel) and water to make concrete. I’m a civil engineer.

  • Clean up / junk pile / etc is great to tackle in the fall – Before the snow flies!

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