John Deere Redesigns 3E Series Compact Utility Tractors

Resulting from extensive customer feedback, John Deere updates its ultra-reliable 3E Series compact utility tractors. Offering a consistent styling package across the Compact Utility Tractor portfolio, the redesigned 3025E, 3032E and 3038E are more versatile, durable and easier-to-use than ever.

“The John Deere 3E series of tractors are each powerful and easy to use for customers who maintain their property, whether managing livestock or moving snow,” said Michelle Smith, Program Manager at John Deere. “Customers will immediately notice that we are giving the 3E the same sleek styling as the other models in the John Deere CUT portfolio, while still offering the same high quality straight out of the factory. We’re pleased to reintroduce one of our customer favorites as an even more capable and intuitive machine.”

For operators who need to maneuver their tractors within small spaces such as landscaped properties, barns and stables, the updated 3E Series models provide a tighter turning radius than the competition. What’s more, these machines are extremely maneuverable, even with a loader. This enhancement ensures obstacles can be easily avoided without needing turning brakes or to stop and reverse, increasing efficiency and performance for customers. The wheelbase and weight have also increased to improve machine stability.

Offering the popular features of the original 3E Series, the updated models will continue to deliver top-notch ease of use. Color coded controls in the operator stations are ergonomic and intuitive, increasing overall comfort and convenience during operation. The independent Power Take Off (PTO) system eliminates the need to stop and clutch to engage or disengage the PTO. An easy-to-use, two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases tractor performance while eliminating clutching for fast and easy direction changes. Twin Touch™ foot controls provide an automobile-like experience while reducing operator fatigue.

Designed with reliability in mind, the updated 3E Series models are ideal for budget-conscious owners and are equipped with features that can significantly save them in maintenance costs over the lifetime of their machines. Available at a competitive price, the 3E Series come standard with industry-exclusive onboard diagnostics for easy troubleshooting. Critical components are protected to mitigate the risk of costly repairs, while wet disk brakes and the PTO clutch design help maximize wear life. Additionally, an increased service interval of 1,200 hours between fluid changes dramatically decreases costs spent on routine maintenance and upkeep of the machine.

Other notable changes include:

  • A relocated fuel tank allowing for easier fill and added capacity
  • Side panels and cowling that is quickly removed without tools for easy engine access
  • Additional factory-installed options for less set-up time
  • More tire offerings, including larger R4 size for increased ground clearance
  • Telescoping draft links for easier rear implement connection
  • A 12-volt outlet on the operator station to keep your electronics charged

The new 3E Series includes a 300E loader, which is an updated version of the D160 loader that is installed on the 3E machines today. The 300E will incorporate a curved boom and compact stance for improved operator visibility and larger knee plates for added strength.

A true workhorse, 3E Series tractors can transform with a variety of implements, from box blades to rotary cutters, tackling any chore with ease. The optional iMatch™ Quick-Hitch or telescoping draft links provide easy rear implement hookup in seconds allowing operators to quickly move on to the task at hand.

“The new 3E m3E_r4g032750_1600x900_2odels will exceed our customer’s expectations,” said Smith. “These nicely equipped, hardworking machines go beyond the industry standard offerings, providing reliable performance, versatility, and maneuverability at an affordable price.”


  • It looks a lot better then the 3038e 2015 I bought 2 years ago, the one I have is very discouraging, to start with it only has one brake pedal so it’s impossible to make a tight turn, the loader is very weak and it’s hard to see the front bucket for the angle, the muffler is on the side so I always smell the fume, I promise myself I would never buy another John Deere again, what would I get for it now ? very little

  • I have a new 3038E tractor and I really like it but I wish I could get a vertical exhaust for it. I use it to clean my horse barn and am afraid I will catch the bedding on fire and I don’t like getting smoke in my face. Please respond to my comment.

  • Obviously you didn’t do anything re: where the muffler comes out, ( on the side of the tractor ) very bad design, the smell of the fume gives me a headache a make me cough every time I use the tractor. The loader is very weak, cylinder are to small for the size of the bucket when I pick up dirt or gravel it doesn’t lift unless I fill it only 3/4 full. Very disappointed from John Deere

  • looking at the new 3038e model, the muffler still comes out to the side which is very bad for the fume. Why can’t John Deere be smarter and come out with a vertical muffler? also a stronger front end loader would help and 2 pedals instead of one for the brakes so when I want to make a sharper turn specially when the ground is wet or plowing snow

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