Good Used Tractors Under $10,000: 2022 Edition

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Massey Ferguson 2745

$127,000 tractor for $9,950

Another great ag tractor under $10k is the Massey Ferguson 2745 with dual wheels. This is a 140 horsepower tractor powered by a huge Perkins 8-cylinder diesel, 87 gallon fuel tank, and a weight of 6-7 tons. We found one for just under the $10k mark with 2150 hours and a broken fuel gauge. But what did you expect, a perfect machine for this price? After 40+ years in service, even with relatively low hours, you can expect a few things to not work—and a fuel gauge should be fixable.

With the 2745, you can expect a workhorse of a tractor at a price that is tough to beat. Back in 1983, the Massey Ferguson 2745 retailed for $44,500, which is $127,000 in 2022 dollars. As long as you find one with a strong engine, this could be a great option if you need a farm tractor on a budget.

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  • Was thinking the John Deere 55 series would make the list. Got my 1994 855 with a 70A loader for $8800 years ago. Found a 6 ft belly mower for another $750. Hydrostat, loader, 4wd, PS. It’s a joy to operate. It replaced a Ferguson TO20 and wish I had done it sooner. A lot of scouring Craigslist for the right deals and had to do some driving to get the package but well worth it !

  • I got a 1952 Ford 8N with a 6′ drag blade for $2,500 CDN We use it for plowing out our driveway in the winter and pulling people around the farm on the hay wagon. I was also able to get a Case / David Brown 885 tractor with a loaferfor $2,300 CDN.. We use it with our bush hog cutting the fields. They may be old, but they are pretty reliable and easy to repair

  • On the Massey make sure the powershift works as reverse doesn’t work in direct drive. I can drive my 2705 forward in direct drive (works okay) but no reverse.

  • Great range of sub $10,000 tractors but I did think there were too many sub-compact and compact types in the list. I do like to see ‘grown up’ tractors and I’m sure there are plenty out there for less than $10k. I have a 1990 Case IH 248 (485) with FEL and relatively low mileage that I bought for $5000. It is still going strong and seems unbreakable!

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