Top 10 Reasons To Buy a Grapple Bucket

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#3: Brush Cleanup


This is probably the number one task for grapple buckets, so it’s no surprise that rlgustafson is doing just that with his LS Tractor. Brush is just nasty and time consuming to clean up by hand, and nothing else quite grabs it like a grapple. With a regular bucket, you lose a lot of your load while driving around, which is going to add a lot of time to your project.

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  • Love these pictures. I know if I had a grapple bucket, I would use it all the time!

  • I’ve had a clam shell bucket on my Kubota L3300 since I bought it over 10 years ago and have thought it was the best attachment I could ever have. That was until a good friend came to help me clean up the mess the loggers left on my property and brought his Bobcat with a Root Rack Grapple.
    He did in 15 minutes what would have taken me an afternoon or more. So I looked into them and did a lot of comparing and finally bought one. Best thing I ever bought and has paid for itself many times over.

  • 11- With the Artillian Grapple, you can also DIG, such as stones, roots, stumps, etc.

    12- With the Artillian Grapple, you can process firewood to 48 or even 16″ pieces right in the grapple bed. Be sure to add a set of Fangs to hold the log from rotating while cutting.

  • Just recently bought a grapple from Everything Attachments and I have to say it’s the most useful attachment I ever bought. Handling brush,limbs.blowdowns and bucking firewood has never been easier. What a back Saver! My only regret is I didn’t buy it 20 years ago.

  • Ok, after reviewing the 10 photos – I am SOLD on a grapple bucket. Now, to find one for my John Deere 522 Loader.

  • I have basically done everything you show with the slides. I use my grapple bucket more than any attachment I own. My second most is my skidding winch. The two go together. I have a tree farm and about 250 grafted black walnut trees for nut production.

  • I bought my grapple last October and it is the best implement I have gotten so far with the possible exception of my hydraulic post driver. Nice side benefit is the money I make on the side cleaning up fence lines of brush and trees and tearing out old fencing.

  • Come off it! As if I need any arguments for getting a grapple bucket. All I need is the money!!

  • I have a JD 2210 with the 210 loader. This had been an awesome go to workhorse for me. I want to buy a grapple for it immeidately however I can find no information on adding the control for the extra cylinder on my machine. I am looking for a kit to add hydraulics at the back for a 3 point splitter and the grapple on the front, this will make the JD2210 a firewood making powerhouse. Thanks for any suggegstions in fnding a comercial kit for adding the control for the grapple clamp cyiinder and the 3 point splitter at the rear.

  • I have had a grapple on my John Deere 3120 for 5 years and have not taken it off. I also use it for feeding hay to my equines, also. That has to be #1 on the list. Love it…
    I am a 65 year old grandmother that loves my tractor!!!

  • The grapple is the best attachment I’ve bought for my Kubota BX23. As I am typically picking up tons of leaves and small branches from our cypress trees, I fashioned a board that bolts to the grapple to help me collect full buckets each time. It is sacrificial and about once or twice a year I cut a new one.

    I also use the grapple to grab the bottom unit of a two or three level scaffold, tilt the FEL back only slightly, and move it around the property as needed.

  • I have a 55inch single lid grapple from everything attachments and love it.

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