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Johno Geo

4060 New Holland
What more can you ask?
Model Year: 2010

I have owned a Ford (NH) , compact for 20+ years, with flawless performance I bought the 4060, after extensive research, with 4wd, EHSS transmission, 270TL FEL and R4 Tires. and a Woods Brush Bull. I have been using it to clear very heavy brush, mow previously unmowed swamp, loader work moving clay, gravel and dirt. The EHSS is a jewel! There is an "Inching pedal" rather than a clutch, which takes a little getting used to. Once you realize it operates hydraulics, not a disc and pressure plate, you can use it properly.... The dealer (IG Hall- Janesville, WI) answered my endless questions and actually let me operate a machine on a local farm, before I bought anything! After 60+ hrs, I can say, it has lots of power, reasonable fuel consumption, and has performed every task I asked, without so much as a whimper. Anything the mower will push over, it will shred to mulch. This machine has tons of power! What more can I ask? The machine has satisfied or exceeded even my high expectations.

Pros: Power, reliability, well located controls, user friendly.....
Cons: machine shuts down when my butt lifts off the seat

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