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3.00 star(s)

BOOMER25 New Holland
Leaks Like a Sieve!
Model Year: 2012

I have returned the Boomer 25 to the dealer twice to have hydraulic fluid leaks fixed, and about to return for the third time in less than 100 hours operation and one year of use. Use the tractor mostly for mowing 6 acres, grading 900' lane, and plow and disk/harrow garden once a year.

Pros: Easy to operate.
Cons: Leaks like a sieve!

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER25 New Holland
Model Year: 2012

Had to return to dealer 3 times first year to repair hydraulic fluid leak. Replaced shaft bushings, and o-rings last trip. NO COST warranty. Tractor is the right size for the tasks I need it for.

Pros: Works well when not leaking.
Cons: Leaked hydraulic fluid.

4.00 star(s)
Russell D

BOOMER25 New Holland
Strong for 25 HP
Model Year: 2013

My review may be unfair as I also had Boomer 30 which if twice the tractor of the 25 (weight, features, work-ability). The 25 is made from Korean parts, with a Mitsubishi engine, assembled by LS Equipment in NC (they sell their own competing line). This tractor is equipped with FEL, mid-mower, and box blade currently. The 25 is a really rough running engine, far more so than a 30 HP, and far more than an old TC 30 NH with the 3 cylinder Shibaura engine. It has a very strong vibration when the FEL is being "floated", but unreasonable vibration at almost any load. So far this has not been remedied by my dealer, but they have seen the problem/ I don't know if this is common to this tractor or not. The Boomer 30 with the 4 cylinder engine was silky smooth under all usage. Another issue is noise from the hydrostatic pump is some loud. Tractor has no height adjustment stop on the 3-point lift, no individual wheel brakes, non-adjustable steering wheel, and a differential lock that is way too difficult to ever get engaged,(impossible if not moving), and with loud internal complaints when, (and if it will) when moving. One other caution to new users: this tractor is only 48 inches wide and it's easy to get the center of gravity beyond the low wheel. It will turn over (mine hasn't, but only because I was fast with getting the FEL down on the ground). Be very careful when using the FEL to keep it as low as possible, and keep the rear weight as low also. Because I use this tractor for lawn mowing, I did not want permanent wheel weights or water to add ballast. This tractor with the FEL will move more dirt than any other similar HP unit I have used. It is strong. Because of the pivot point (forward) for the belly mower, I find it impossible to satisfactorily adjust the mower cutting height. It lifts from the 3 point hitch in the rear, but pivots at the front of the deck at a fixed elevation. So go figure how high you are going to move the front of the deck up or down (answer is zero, as it is fixed). You can lift the rear of the deck fine, but this is not where it cuts; it cuts from the front. This is a serious flaw to the extent that I am going to bite the bullet and buy a pull behind mower. You cannot adjust the height from the mower wheels, as they are fixed in direction and height, unlike the belly mower for the 30. If you buy one, make sure you are okay with the vibration (even starting up or shutting down it rattles the sheet metal loudly). And if you get a FEL, try floating backwards first. The tractor will do everything I wanted or expected except mow with the belly mower, and with that one caveat, I think you will find the overall quality as good as orange tractors and since it actually has sheet metal, a lot sturdier, but rougher, than green ones.

Pros: Very strong for 25 HP. Good 3-point lift and FEL capacity. Light weight for trailering. Built sturdy enough.
Cons: Cannot adjust height of front of belly mower deck. Excessive (and I mean really excessive) vibration in some operations. Cheesy differential lock. Top heavy unless really ballasted. No individual wheel brakes. Not 3-point height set.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER25 New Holland
Love My Boomer 25
Model Year: 2013

I traded a 1986 1710 Ford for a New Holland Boomer 25. love the hydro, hate the treadle pedal. everybody I talked to said I would get use to the treadle pedal but I have not. I can't get accustom to operating a tractor with one foot 3 1/2 inched off the floor board.

Pros: New with a hydro.
Cons: Treadle pedal.

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)

BOOMER25 New Holland
New Holland boomer 25
Model Year: 2012

I purchased this tractor with a FEL and a backhoe attachment. then bought a thumb for the bucket on hoe for rock work in yard. I have been very satisfied with what it can do for light to med work and because of it's size it is great for small acres with trees. I have taken out a few root systems, moved some good sized rock, plowed snow with front end loader, leveled, and dug trenches for drain tile. This year added chains for snow also fluid in tires.

Pros: love the size of everything
Cons: I'm to big for tracto

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER25 New Holland
I Like It
Model Year: 2014

I had my old tractor crushed by a tree in a storm last year November. It took some time to get it replaced but I looked at green and orange as well as this blue. I was supposed to get a boomer 20 but the dealer sold it before i could get the insurance to approve so the dealer offered me this demo boomer 25. The only real difference is the motor size for the same price. I got mine with fel, belly mower, front mount snowblower and back blade I still have to get tire chains to get back every thing I had on my old tractor. we had a really really bad storm the week before I got the tractor and had huge trees down in all directions from my house. this tractor went straight to work along with 2 new Stihl chainsaws also freshly replaced from that tree that crushed my garage the previous storm. These trees were over 200 years old by the rings I counted it took me over a month of sawing to clear these trees. I always had enough power. There were times though when i didn't have enough weight lol. Even when i didn't have enough lifting power I did have enough pulling power to move the large sections of tree trunks. I have recently tried the front mount snowblower and was really impressed with how well it worked and fit on the tractor. so far i love everything about it. the only gripe I would say is the treadle pedal but I've seen they have changed that on the 2015 models to individual pedals for forward and reverse.

Pros: Does everything I need
Cons: Treadle pedal

1.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER25 New Holland
Junk from disreputable company
Model Year: 2011

My Boomer 25 had a radiator leak where the plastic and metal come together (poor design!). Changed out the radiator and it would not start. Took to dealer and learned it was a cracked head. They want $14K to replace the engine (possible $6K core exchange - but engine is cracked so probably not). They want as much as it cost new to fix a known problem! New Holland rep came to dealer and checked out the tractor. Denied it for their Goodwill program as it was 10 years old (but with only 291 hours on it!). It was always cleaned, never run hot based on the thermometer, hosed off and parked in a garage. Not a quality product or company. New Holland knew it had flaws which is why it was only made 2 years. Now they won't do anything to fix it. I will never buy a New Holland again. The company is awful and predatory. They know it is flawed and because it was babied and not over used they won't do anything to help! How is that right? If it had been abused and blew in the first few years they may have helped! Yet I never received a warning on the defective engine or any warning that it could happen.

Pros: They stopped making it as they knew it was defective!
Cons: New Holland does NOT stand behind their products and is a predatory company.

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